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PIC24FJ128GB206 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided setting at 100 ps. 10-Bit, up to 24-Channel Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter at 500 ksps: Three Analog Comparators with Programmable Input/Output Configuration Peripheral Features: Enhanced Parallel Master Port/Parallel Slave Port (EPMP/PSP). Peripheral Pin Select: Three 3-Wire/4-Wire SPI modules...
SVC-485CFG-CBL-2 Not Provided Wiring Solutions / ZipLink Pre-Wired Connection Cables & Modules / Connector Cables (Complete List) ZIPLink SureServo amplifier configuration cable, 6-pin IEEE 1394 connector to RJ45 connector, shielded, twisted pair, 2.0 meter (6.6 ft.) length. Cable in conjunction with USB-485M serial adapter connects any SureServo amplifier to a PC. Eliminates the need to reprogram networked servo drives from...

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  • AN202 LDM485 to LDM485 to Other RS-485 Devices Configuration
    be in down position. DIP switches must be in down position. to put termination network into the circuit. to put termination network into the circuit. Pin 20 DTR must be controlled: + V to energize TD , -. A. B. V to high impedance TD . A. B. LDM485 to Other RS-485 Device. Only one TD sh. A. B. ould
  • The State of Industrial Serial Communication
    RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 have a long history in industrial automation. One of Moxa's most experienced engineers discusses the state of these legacy communication standards and how they are integrated in today's industrial communication equipment. Thoughts on industrial serial communication
  • Configuring DT8x Data Loggers to Interface with Maple Displays via Modbus
    will need to be built; in the case of RS-485 communications the Tx terminal is the Data- and the RTS terminal is the Data+. If the host port is used, a standard dataTaker IBM-6 cable can be used to connect to a display that uses the standard 9 pin wiring configuration (pins 2,3 and 5). Following
  • Programmable Attenuators for Wireless Products
    are based on the. of controlling these devices (Figure. SmartStep™ programmable attenua-. state switching techniques such as. mechanical life of the switch. There. 2). tors, the Model 8210 represents a new. PIN and FET devices are used in spe-. are very often other criteria also. concept in device
    PROFIBUS as Type 3 and PROFInet as Type 10. IEC 61784 further defines communication profiles and. sets. Profile set 3/1 is used with PROFIBUS asynchronous transmission using RS485 in the physical layer. . Profile set 3/2 is used with PROFIBUS synchronous transmission using Manchester encoding while
  • EPIC Express: A Bridge to the Future for High-Performance I/O
    lanes using a single 28- come. As the market matures, the conve- snapshots verifying levels of cleanliness. pin connector. The Full option supports nience of a stable PCI Express standard. During the existing cleaning process, the. four x1 lanes and two x4 lanes for future, will at ract users of its
  • Medical Device Link .
    and control hardware were chosen. The system used three computer boards from National Instruments: an 8-bit analog monochrome image acquisition board (IMAQ PCI-1408); a two-axis, closed-loop, stepper-motor control board (PCI-STEP-2CX); and an RS-485 serial board with distributed I/O modules. Also used

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