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Parts by Number for Rubber Hole Plug Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ALB6 PLC Radwell Idec Not Provided AL-B6 16MM HOLE PLUG (RUBBER)
K37 PLC Radwell Antenna Specialists RFID, RFID Antenna HOLE PLUG RUBBER 3/8IN
1885198 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Cable gland - 1885198 Half screw connection Pg21, made of plastic, consisting of rubber seal with one elongated hole and one pressure screw, for type 2 - 4 housings, cable diameter: 20 x 7 mm
1885305 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Cable gland - VC-M-KV-PG21 (20X 7) - 1885305 Single screw connection PG21, made of metal, consisting of rubber seal with a long hole and pressure screw, for type 2-4 housings, cable [mm] 20 x 7 mm (for flat-ribbon cable)
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    silicone assembly, the catheter pictured above was produced using molding, wire encapsulation, bonding, tip beveling and coating, and hole drilling. Assembly. There is almost no limit to the configurations in which two or more silicone rubber components can be joined to create assemblies
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    material within catheters during processing. Catheter collapse or movement during hole drilling is also avoided. Use of the beading ensures consistent flash-free holes in catheters and eliminates the introduction of plug debris into the inner lumen. Consistent sizing and validated concentricity protects
  • Insert Categories
    external-thread inserts are used to create an interference fit with the tapped hole through a swaging action. Nylon plugs and strips attached to inserts may also provide locking action. Inserts without external threads used in drilled or cored holes include: Used in thermosets, thermoplastics, rubber
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    , on-screen axis-jog controls, and multiple inputs and outputs. The drilling system also is equipped with the ability to detect hole plugs. It counts and collects the plugs generated during catheter-hole making so as to prevent the by-products from interfering with system function. The full line of drills
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    with six channels, and one stereo input, plus a MiniPCI extension slot in which to plug LAN or other PCI extensions. The computer has a rubber-cushioned hard disk to protect from vibration and can be operated at -20 to 50 C standard and -20 to 70 C in 600-MHz mode. Operated by 10 -30-V power
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    linear system which can traverse 19 feet (5.8 meters.). Can you re-thread the mounting holes for metric screws?. Yes. Here is the list of slider mounting hole conversions. For BiSlide, metric threaded carriage holes are available on request at no additional charge. Converting threaded mounting holes
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    wire is wound into a coil, it is unlikely that any two pin holes will line up and "short out. " Ordinarily, the spacing of the wires provided by the layers of exterior enamel prevent conduction from one pin hole to the next. However, if even a little water gets between the wires, it will promote
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    typically has conical point ending in a flat area with a hole drilled down the center. The holes vary in size from 0.060” to 0.003”. The tip with the smallest hole size easily handles 100 micron size parts. This style of tip is used with any of the above mentioned systems that provide a constant vacuum

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