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  • The Differences Between Latex and Natural Rubber
    to the white sap that comes from the hevea brasiliensis tree. This sap can be further refined and compounded to render it more readily processed and to optimize physical properties. The Hygenic Corporation has two manufacturing processes that allow us to manufacture natural rubber latex tubing, sheeting
  • Non-Oil Resistant Rubbers
    . Naturally occurring latex is a dispersion of rubber in an aqueous serum containing various inorganic and organic substances. The rubber precipitated out of this solution can be characterized as a coherent elastic solid. All other rubbers should be measured against natural rubber. For centuries
  • Oil-Resistant Rubbers
    , particularly with regard to dynamic response. Neoprenes are a large family of rubbers that have a property profile approaching that of natural rubber, and with better resistance to oils, ozone, oxidation, and flame. They age better and do not soften on heat exposure, although high-temperature tensile
  • How to Choose the Best Rubber Solution for Your Application
    and medical applications. Because HYSYNAL (R) Synthetic Rubber is a non-latex rubber product, it is the choice material when latex allergies are a concern. Thermoplastic. Our HYPERFORM TM Non Latex Elastomeric material mimics many of the properties of natural rubber but has distinct advantages in some
  • Medical Device Link . Soft and Elastic TPE Provides an Alternative to Latex Process Microfuses Radiopaque Markers to Intravenous Devices Adhesive Coating Technology Solves Packaging Problems
    . to provide functional and tactile properties similar to those of latex rubber without the possibility of allergic reactions. Recently the company also introduced a medical-tubing grade of Tekron TPE, designated 95X0832E-55, with a Shore A hardness value of 55. For more information, contact Teknor Apex
  • Why Rubber Tubing Tolerances may be Different than Plastic/Rigid Tubing Tolerances
    a continuous dipped manufacturing process. Using this process allows us to produce a latex rubber tubing product with undetectable levels of latex protein. HYTONE TM latex rubber tubing has superior elongation properties, offers excellent gripping characteristics, can be custom printed, cut to size
  • Medical Device Link .
    to their approximate original length when stress is released. Originally, thermoset rubbers such as styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), latex, and polyisoprene were used in applications requiring such elasticity. In many situations, injection-moldable TPEs have replaced these rubbers. TPEs and the Medical Industry TPEs
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry As the industry is moving away from latex products, could you please advise on a material preferably injection- moldable plastic to serve as a substitute for rubber in injection sites and ports. Where can I get this material? In this question the phrases