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  • Determination of the raw fiber in yeast
    0,76 0,55 0,46; 0,68 0,43 0,62; 0,87 0,40 0,32; 0,50 0,33 feed yeast of Fichten sulfite ablauge feed yeast of whey yeast baker's yeast of lVfelasse1 2 0,78 0 … … determination with alcoholic sodium nitrate ~ ure naeh K. K _ O ~ sca ~ E ~ …
  • $40-$45 Machining - Grainger Industrial Supply
    • Lathe Jaws , Soft, Aluminum, Pointed, Tongue and Groove, American T and G, Length 3.937, Width 1.25, Height 1.625, For Use With Bergman, Bison, Buck, Cushman, Huron, Rohm, Forkhardt, Pratt Burnerd America, SCA , S.P., W and S, Nobel … • Chucking ReamerChucking Reamer .
  • Vegetables and vegetable products
    The migration of these ions in the Kartoffelstiieke became with Hflfe radioactively labeled that added boiling water to 35S- and to ~- of - sCa -compounds became investigated. After all, was to remove the result baked prommes frites yon is brightly preferred the most Befragten … … literature, the references to it find dab the Proteinn~hrwert eiweigreicher animal food and feed center] (Milchpnlver, fish …
  • Attempts over the influence of endocrine gland substances on the Morphogenie
    … Mr. slaughterhouse director tooth. as well as I am obliged procurement of the feed material to groSem … The Fz-~- sca -Laiehballen became beginning at Dossenheim a. d. April of a pond … Sehwanz- and K6rperlgnge took very strongly from that larval ~ Iundapparat (Haftzotten, horn jaws ) became dropped the …
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth with major hard tissue loss – bond strength of conventionally and adhesively luted fiber‐reinforced composite posts
    Self-conditioning adhesive + resin cement ( SCA + RC) MLP_ML Multilink® Primer A&B After the spec- imens were axially lined up with the molds (Sam- pleKup) by placing the posts in a parallelometer with a three- jaw drill chuck (D-P26), the samples were embed- ded in acrylic resin (Technovit 4071; Heraeus Kulzer).
  • The Large Reuter
    … vi gel cardiac jelly: heart jelly f mineral jelly: petrolatum f, vase Linum nt kerosene jelly: petrolatum f, vase Linum nt royal jelly: Gelée royal f, bee queen feed juice m Wharton's jelly … … Chin jerk: Masseter-, lower jaw reflex m crossed jerk … … 4th subclavian artery Sc Abk.: 1. scandium 2nd scanner s.c.Abk.: subcutaneous SCA Abk.: 1. sickle …
  • Excursion fauna of Germany
    … SN, TH, BY, ST; preferably on AD. in the Close of Nadelbaurnen (Fichte, jaws ), on Waldrandern, on … … itself of skin excretions and brood of its hosts and participates in the social feed flow (Trophallaxis). Stauroderus sca / aris 17 * SKiele of (FISCHERDE WALDHEIM) the Hsch colorfully labels zusammengeneigt or in parallel.
  • Dictionary of the biology of Dictionary of Biology
    586 sca The Signifikanz test silage n silage fermenting feed silage vb, silage , to Gär feed ensiles, the switching … … snakes / serpents / ophidians / Serpentes / Ophidia (Squamata) queues snap to bake -snap to bake …
  • Machine tools, machine types, and scope of application
    Special tools for robots (Quelle: SCA , rice In connection with online-robot programming, is often spoken of Teach-In- or Play roasting -method. DIN 6350, part 1: lathe chuck manual; clamping jaws not einzelverstellbar, with cylindrical centering receiving.
  • Vaulters lexicon diagnosis & therapy
    … dementia [picking-complex], kortiko-basaler degeneration [CBD], chorea Huntington [Westphalian-variant], spinozerebellären ataxias [ SCA ], Neuroakanthozytose and neurodegeneration … … hair disease the inferior vena cava with numerous bräunlich-black nodes of Piggy roasting -technique f: method … … fruit utilization, pharmaceutical industry, industrial and research-laboratories, veterinary nature, poultry farms, beekeeping, feed and food middle …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
    … f ● fascine mat(tress) kid mat(tress) Faschinen mat lining f, fascine matting, Faschinen mat feed … sperre f > Stein(gerüst)(stau)damm rock bulge m, round bulges rock hügelchen n, round bump m, rounding f, Felsbult f, rock hill f ● sheep ( bake ) skirt embossed, whaleback, skirt … … skirt embankment, muttoned skirt sca(u)r , skirt hammock low skirt …
  • Subindex of the video tapes 102-120
    with y-beams onto the pectin materials (McArdle and Nehemias) solder, 274 with ionizing rays ( Sca- ' rascia) 120, 28 --, biochemistry (Biale) 11T, 35 --, Carotinoide of Badami mango, Einflul ~ of the processing on the absorption spectra (rank anna and Sidadppa) 119 … 120, 117 --, recovery (Krausz and Kanies) 109, 267 feed mixtures, effect yon salts on the Maillard-Braunungsreaktion … Freezing storage yon baker's yeast (Nagy, Almgsi and Kutz) 119, 101 --- .
  • Langford's Technical and Commercial Dictionary
    Kopf-drehbank f. face lathe.; chuck lathe = tour m. en I'air; tour ilIl. a pla- teau. Masstab m. sca :le = echelle f. i gradua- · tion f. Maul n. des SchraubenschliisseIs jaw of spanner i wrench opening = machoi- res fpI. de la clef.