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  • NXP Dual Channel Class-D Amplifiers Bring Power Efficient Concert Hall-Like Sound into the Vehicle

    Leading ultra-efficiency Class-D amplifier family delivers vibrant sound quality and cutting-edge power efficiency for improved in-car entertainment experience

  • Spreading out light

    Stephen Mounsey looks at the applications for optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers, both within spectroscopy and beyond

  • Amplifiers and Linear TPA3110D2 15W Class D Stereo Amplifier

    The TPA3110D2 is a 15-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving bridged-tied stereo speakers. Advanced EMI Suppression Technology enables the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters at the outputs while meeting EMC requirements. SpeakerGuard™ speaker protection circuitry includes an adjustable...

  • PA Design Team Leader

    This is a brilliant position, based in London working designing and leading a team in Power Amplifiers for Satellite Communications and Defence Markets. The opportunity will suit a Principal PA (Power Amplifier) Design Engineer with a proven background in Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and RF Design at High Frequencies and High Powers. Role: You will be leading a team: designing, simulating and optimizing new and current High Power Amplifiers using GaN, GAS FETs and MMICS up to 20 GHz. Required Skills: - RF PA Design - >20GHz - Control Circuitry Desired Skills - Team Leadership - GaN, MMIC, GAS FETs ...

  • Cirrus Logic CS35L32 Boosted Class D Amplifier Featured in LG's New Premium Smartphone, LG G3

    AUSTIN, Texas — Cirrus Logic, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRUS), a market leader in low-power audio applications, announced that it is shipping its CS35L32 Class D amplifier into LG’s new flagship smartphone, the LG G3. The CS35L32 high-performance speaker amplifier solution includes advanced speaker amplifier hardware accompanied by proprietary, adaptive real-time embedded software, providing speaker monitoring and protection in addition to sound enhancement to ensure optimized audio performance and quality. The CS35L32’s performance enhances the consumer experience by delivering 30 percent more power to a speaker without compromising sound quality or reliability. Speakers used in small portable audio applications such as smartphones and tablets typically have physical and thermal limitations to drive full-range signals at loud volumes. As a result, speaker output performance is usually restricted to lower power, which limits overall audio performance. The CS35L32 overcomes these challenges with an integrated boost converter, integrated voltage and current monitoring and reporting circuitry to enable speaker protection, bass enhancement and improved linearity. The CS35L32 drives the LG G3’s speaker power 30 percent higher – and with a larger audio dynamic range – than typical Class D amplifiers that don’t provide speaker protection and voltage boosting capability. “Cirrus Logic’s technology leadership in mobile Class D amplifier products and our ability to deploy proprietary algorithms into the applications processor for protecting speakers and enhancing sound quality were both important factors in LG’s decision to use the CS35L32 for their flagship G3 smartphone,” said Carl Alberty, director of marketing, Cirrus Logic. “As we complement our 5V boosted Class D amplifier product line with higher-voltage capability in upcoming new products, we’re excited to offer our smartphone and tablet customers an even louder, higher-quality audio solution that delivers great user experiences.” About Cirrus Logic, Inc. Cirrus Logic develops high-precision, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a broad range of innovative customers. Building on its diverse analog and signal-processing patent portfolio, Cirrus Logic delivers highly optimized products for a variety of audio and energy-related applications. The company operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in Phoenix, Ariz., Europe, Japan and Asia. More information about Cirrus Logic is available at Bill Schnell, 512-851-4084 or Strategic Communications, Inc. Angie Hatfield, 425-941-2895

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AR Modular RF
Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers For Legacy Communication designs as well as Virtually Every New & Emerging Communications System. AR Modular RF is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of RF amplifier systems and RF amplifier modules. We're known for innovative technology, unsurpassed quality & dependability, and for an international support and service network that is second to none. With output powers from 5 - 5,000 watts and spanning frequencies from 0.01 - 6,000 MHz, the systems and modules...

M.S. Kennedy Corp.
MSK Amplifiers

MSK offers the highest performance operational amplifiers available: Output Voltage up to 180 Volts Output Current up to 15 Amps Slew Rate up to 6000 Volts per Microsecond Available in Industrial, Military, and Space quality levels in most cases Many available on Standard Microcircuit Drawings Radiation Hardened (RH Suffix) parts available

AR Modular RF
Communications Amplifiers: Farther & Better

The KMW1031 tactical radio booster amplifier 30- 512MHz increases power from 2-5W to 20W or more. Increasing the power by a factor of 10 does not increase your range by 10. Check out this Link to find out just how much farther you might go with a 20W amplifier like the KMW1031.