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AR Modular RF
Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers For Legacy Communication designs as well as Virtually Every New & Emerging Communications System. AR Modular RF is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of RF amplifier systems and RF amplifier modules. We're known for innovative technology, unsurpassed quality & dependability, and for an international support and service network that is second to none. With output powers from 5 - 5,000 watts and spanning frequencies from 0.01 - 6,000 MHz, the systems and modules...

M.S. Kennedy Corp.
MSK Amplifiers

MSK offers the highest performance operational amplifiers available: Output Voltage up to 180 Volts Output Current up to 15 Amps Slew Rate up to 6000 Volts per Microsecond Available in Industrial, Military, and Space quality levels in most cases Many available on Standard Microcircuit Drawings Radiation Hardened (RH Suffix) parts available

AR Modular RF
Communications Amplifiers: Farther & Better

The KMW1031 tactical radio booster amplifier 30- 512MHz increases power from 2-5W to 20W or more. Increasing the power by a factor of 10 does not increase your range by 10. Check out this Link to find out just how much farther you might go with a 20W amplifier like the KMW1031.