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    Power Amplifiers - (147 companies)
    ...amplifiers, high power amplifiers, audio power amplifiers, power acoustic amplifiers, microwave amplifiers, and MOSFET power amplifiers. An RF power amplifier is used amplify radio frequency (RF) transmissions. A high power amplifier is used to amplify high... Learn More
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    RF Amplifiers - (558 companies)
    ...the signal and send the stronger output to a RF power amplifier (PA). Other types of RF amplifiers include: Low noise. Pulse. Bi-directional. Multi-carrier. Buffer. Limiting amplifiers. Detector log video amplifiers (DLVAs) are used to amplify or measure... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    PWM Amplifier Chips - (42 companies)
    Pulse width modulated (PWM) amplifier chips generate a current that switches between high and low output levels. PWM amplifiers have a much higher power capability for a given volume than linear amplifiers. They are also less expensive. PWM... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Differential Amplifier Chips - (40 companies)
    Image Credit: Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Differential amplifier chips are designed to amplify the difference between two input signals. They can amplify a small difference between two signal levels and ignore any common level shared... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Operational Amplifiers - (149 companies)
    ...of mercury, cadmium and lead. Operational amplifiers that meet other national or international standards are also available. SMD 5962-00541 - MICROCIRCUIT, LINEAR, OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER, CMOS, MONOLITHIC SILICON. SMD 5962-06206 - MICROCIRCUIT... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Vehicle, Mechatronics and Information Technologies
    System schematic block … voltage is 0 to 20mV, corresponding to the irradiance is from 0 to 2000W /M2, so we … … circuit of total solar irradiance shown in Figure 3, we use the instrumentation amplifier AD8221 ship which …
  • Bismuth iodide (III) crystals for nuclear radiation detectors
    … crystals, X-ray fluorescence analysis was carried out using an X-ray analytical microscope (Horiba XGT- 2000W ). Schematic diagram of a furnace and the furnace temperature distribution used for the vertical Bridgman growth of … spectroscopy amplifier (CANBERRA 2025) with 2 µs shaping time and a computer installed multi-channel pulse height …
  • Bismuth tri-iodide crystal for nuclear radiation detectors
    Schematic diagram of the furnace and the longitudinal temperature profile at the center of the cylindrical furnace … … crystals, X-ray fluorescence analysis was carried out using an X-ray analytical microscope (Horiba XGT- 2000W ). … a conventional system including a charge sensitive pream- plifier (AmpTek A250), a spectroscopy amplifier (CANBERRA 2025) with …
  • Low cost electronic load for out-door testing of photovoltaic panels
    To measure the current, an operational amplifier assembly was used. 2000W /m² Response Time The schematic bloc is represented in Fig.5 .
  • Optical electric-power sensor using one Bi4Ge3O12 crystal
    I Schematic diagram of the optical electric-power sensing unit based on single Bi4Ge3O12 crystal (P: polarizer … where A1 is a ration coefficient related to electronic amplifiers . … measured active power and apparent power of the load ZLwithin the range of 2000W (or VA) under …
  • Advances in Mechanics Engineering
    As a current threshold, R3 is utilized to reduce the power consumption of the amplifier A1. Schematic for current and voltage sampling circuit … shaft heat transfer boundary conditions:water thermal conductivity coefficient[5,6] α w = 2000W /m2 •°C,water …
  • Advanced Composite Materials
    … for the processing is generated by a function generator and amplified by a high-speed bipolar amplifier . The schematic of electrolyte flow system is shown in Figure 7. 1200w,1480w,1500w,1700w, 2000w .
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy II
    Originally, Lock-In amplifier was used in the thermal image detection technology, it can enhance the resolution … Schematic diagram, b. Measurement range: 2~ 2000W /m2; .
  • Proceedings of the 36th International MATADOR Conference
    … consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesiser, receiver chain with demodulator, a power amplifier , a crystal oscillator … Schematic of heat transfer for LAML (a)Laser incomplete penetration welding (Vs=3m/min, P= 2000W .
  • Thermal, Power and Electrical Engineering
    … control unit microcomputer, the analog-to-digital converter, signal conditioning circuit inside the amplifier circuit, alarm circuit … Fig.4 The schematic of the motor drive system … follow:(1) At the initial time, the active power demand of PCC is 2000W ,and the reactive …