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80310 Global Industrial Server Products, Inc. Not Provided Server Plastic Hinged Lid, Scratch Resistant

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  • Medical Device Link . Technology news
    A multifunction switch module that uses laminated glass in lieu of a plastic overlay remains transparent over time, is scratch resistant, and withstands exposure to aggressive fluids such as acids, dyes, and blood. In addition, the keyboard layout, labelling, and pin assignments can be configured
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on IV Components
    - and scratch-resistant plastics with excellent optical qualities. The optional low-reflectance surface finish on the filters is cast into the material so that it can't be rubbed or cleaned off. Both plastics are available in a wide variety of thicknesses. The H-100 filters can be custom color-matched to reduce
  • Paintless parts
    . Complex geometric parts ranging in size from cell phones to large truck hoods are candidates for a recently developed in-mold decorating (IMD) process. The process coextrudes a UV-absorbent, scratch and chemical-resistant, high-gloss cap layer onto a colored substrate. The resulting material combination
  • Medical Device Link . Novel Electrochemical Techniques for Analysis of Metallic Biomaterials Surfaces
    resistant, owing to the presence of an extremely thin passive oxide film that spontaneously forms on their surfaces. These films serve as a barrier to corrosion processes in alloy systems that would otherwise experience very high corrosion rates. That is, in the absence of passive films, the driving
    considered before selecting any thermoplastic. Isopropyl alcohol tends to promote crazing in acrylic, as it does in many transparent plastics. Some acrylic grades are more alcohol-resistant than others: resistance is typically a function of the molecular weight of the polymer, with higher molecular
    materials require special consideration for. the care and use to assure maximum customer satisfaction. Polypropylene materials have many. favorable characteristics, such as being resistant to many chemicals, rigid, durable, and available. in many thicknesses. NuAire fabricates the Polypropylene
  • Medical Device Link .
    on the production line. The Coditherm process marks and codes paper, bags, and containers, as well as rubber, fabrics, and scratch-proof and solvent-resistant plastic. The equipment uses a double ribbon to create a positive image electronically on the inked thermal ribbon in an initial print phase
  • Medical Device Link .
    is suitable for marking porous surfaces directly on the production line. The Coditherm process marks and codes paper, bags, and containers, as well as rubber, fabrics, and scratch-proof and solvent-resistant plastic. The equipment uses a double ribbon to create a positive image electronically

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  • Hardcoat (SR-100/UV-100) for Abrasion or Scratch-Resistant Coatings on Plastic Substrates
    NANOMYTE Hardcoat UV-100 offers both UV protection and scratch resistance plastic substrates, especially when used in combination with SR-100.
  • Radiation Curable Coatings
    Another technology being developed is using thermoformable UV curable inks which are applied to the scratch resistant plastic films on signage and displays.
  • Technology Guide
    sun-protection, anti-reflective coatings, self cleaning, antifogging, de-icing, scratch resistance ( plastic components .
  • Astronomers Anonymous
    It boasts scratch resistant plastic lenses, a finder (apparently somewhere in the box but I can’t find it), an eyepiece providing a magnification of 2,500 times, a Sun filter specially commissioned by the Braille Society, a two legged tripod, and a...
  • ZSWAT2001P203
    Top coat Pure metal Applications Enhanced corrosion- and wear-resistance properties; auto components Pure metal Enhanced corrosion-and wearresistance properties; auto components Metal and nonmetallic Diamond-like carbon as materials extremely hard coat for scratch resistant plastic surface Metallic or composite WC...
  • Multisensory design in architecture: Concept development for a multisensory experience in a high school library
    The upper layer of the floor is made from scratch resistant plastic .
  • Product news
    ...'fades faster than any other photochromic and offers 100 per cent UV protection', has been made new multi-matrix technology where photochromic molecules are suspended between lens substrate and RLX Plus lens coating to create 'the world's most scratch resistant plastic surface'.
  • Bring back the steel? The growth of plastics in automotive applications
    Scratch resistance of plastics has become an increasing area of emphasis in the automotive arena since the intro- duction of mold-in-color substrates on the interior of the vehicle.