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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCO 59203 Global Industrial United Stationers Supply Not Provided Scotch-Brite Scotchbrick Griddle Scrubber - 4/Pack, 3 Packs/Case
MLE619316 Global Industrial SP Richards Not Provided Miller'S Creek Butterfly Sponge Mop W/Scrubber Strip - Pack Of 2
73 Global Industrial Libman Company Not Provided Libman ® Commercial Copper Scrubbers - 2-Pack - 73
63 Global Industrial Libman Company Not Provided Libman ® Commercial Steel Scrubbers - 2-Pack - 63
1048 Global Industrial Libman Company Not Provided Libman ® Commercial Round Dish Scrub Refills - 2-Pack - 1048
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    With increased concern for clean air, many wastewater treatment plants are adding scrubber systems at their facilities to. help control odor emissions from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, poisonous, flammable gas, known. for its foul odor of rotten eggs, often the result
  • An Efficient Scrubber
    emission limits for particulate material, fluorides and ammonia, it is normal to think in terms of venturi systems with the associated high power consumptions. This article reports on the successful application of a low-energy cross-flow scrubber based on the KON-TANE and B-GON packing materials
  • Crossflow Scrubber and Air Filtration Pilot System
    . ./fb7c45f3-044c-479d-a87a-2931cee034d8. PHASE SEPARA. TION TECHNOLOGY. Kimre™ SXF™/AEROSEP®. Crossflow Scrubber. and Air Filtration. Pilot System. Summary of Capabilities. (Revised November 6th, 2007). P.O. Box 571240  Miami  FL 33257-1240  USA. Koolmijnlaan 201  B-3582 Beringen  Belgium. Tel: (305
  • Model FW304 Packaged Scrubber Controls Sewage Treatment Odors
    was specified. The 5000 cfm unit was constructed of Type II PVC for maximum corrosion resistance. It utilized a random dumped, high efficiency packing and mist eliminator. It was designed for 99% removal of H2S and test results reported efficiencies in excess of 99%. The system also reduced total odor
  • Foundry Amine Scrubbing (.pdf)
    particles prior to the scrubber. The scrubber was. designed to exhaust up to 3 three core machines at a. maximum volume of 19,000 ACFM containing up to 500. ppmv of TEA. Designed with high efficiency Tellerette®. Application. Aluminum Casting. Core Box. Tower Packing, the unit is achieving greater than 99.5
  • Odor Control Systems (.pdf)
    . • Single and multiple stage designs. • Pre-quench and venturi stages available. • Pilot systems available for application and. process testing. Design Features. Skid-mounted Packed Bed Scrubber, FRP construction with. •. customized instrumentation, piping, pumps, and control. Wide range of packing
  • Mist, Dust, and Fume Control (.pdf)
    Scrubbers. In a Packed Bed Scrubber, soluble chemi-. cals, fumes, and odors flow through a specially. designed packing media that is irrigated with. recirculating scrubbing solution. The liquid. solvent absorbs the gas-phase pollutant by. physical and chemical means. A blowdown from. the tank
  • Pemaco Superfund Site Remediation
    immediately downstream of the oxidizer burner. Downstream of the oxidizer, exhaust gases flow into the integral scrubber quench chamber via Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) ducting. Adjacent to the oxidizer, the skid mounted scrubber uses polypropylene packing to treat the acid gases

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