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  • Hanford Radiological Sciences Research and Development Annual Report for 1964
    21 R. W. Selson . Alpha Energy Analysis Plutonium Air Monitoring - D. P. Brown and N. S. Porter suffi- ciently small to be mounted on the main instrument using headphone jacks to provide both...
  • Materials and Chemical Sciences Division annual report, 1987
    Liliental-Weber, R. Ludeke, C. Selson , R. Oronsky. and J. Washburn mi the microstructural and microchemical changes. ., ther­ mal barrier coaling, oxidized in air for 1 and 10... Jack Washburn .
  • Yakima/Klickitat Production Preliminary Design Report, Appendix C: Yakima and Klickitat Preliminary Engineering Reports.
    3.6 million fall chinook will be hatched and reared at Selson Springs. This will be an energy-efficient building with air conditioning and electric heat. Hydraulic Jack , 12 Ton ......................................
  • Back cover
    .,1652 (Oct) Logan, Selson A . Use in Air . .lo69 (Aug) Richmond, Jack H. Digital Computer Solutions .
  • Back cover
    fading at 9.6 GHz on simulated air -to-ground path:Jones, H. E.: T-AP v26... Jack H.; T-AP v26 n3 May 78 509-510 (2D04 Radio navigation antennas random~conformal hased arra s self-cohering method: Dorny, C. Selson ; T-AP v26...
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    His main interests lie in communication and control s!'stems. AIr . Selson , S X. T. Arrow, .Xrthur Aselrod, Jack Banner, Leonard .
  • Back cover
    Leondes, Cornelius T.. and, Jack 0. Commenrs by Budin, Michael A.; T-AC 72 Jun 414 (3E08) Wax, Selson . see Ponzo, Peter J... ...nonlinear rate- dependentsystems Moyka Paul R.,T-AC 72 Dee 809-812(2B12) Air -traffic control; horizontal...