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SVC-485CFG-CBL-2 Not Provided Wiring Solutions / ZipLink Pre-Wired Connection Cables & Modules / Connector Cables (Complete List) ZIPLink SureServo amplifier configuration cable, 6-pin IEEE 1394 connector to RJ45 connector, shielded, twisted pair, 2.0 meter (6.6 ft.) length. Cable in conjunction with USB-485M serial adapter connects any SureServo amplifier to a PC. Eliminates the need to reprogram networked servo drives from...

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  • Using the 24LC21 Dual Mode Serial EEPROM
    of monitor is being used and configure itself accordingly. This automatic configuration is the cornerstone for Microsoft Ò ?s ?Plug and Play? capability being built into the new ?Windows 95ä? release. Using the 24LC21 Dual Mode Serial EEPROM. AN610. Using the 24LC21 Dual Mode Serial EEPROM. TRANSMIT
  • The State of Industrial Serial Communication
    to the Ethernet side, and we had some trouble figuring out why. We verified that the NPort hadn't crashed, and the serial port LEDs were lighting up. Since the pin assignments and cabling looked okay, we thought there might be a firmware issue with the NPort. However, we were unable to duplicate the NPort's
  • Low Cost USB Microcontroller Programmer The building of the PICkit TM 1 FLASH Starter Kit
    peripheral communication. • USB Benefits. protocols, namely the serial and parallel ports. A stan-. - Plug and play. dardized cable is used for all USB peripherals and the. - Non-bulky cables. cable itself is less bulky compared to serial or parallel. cables. USB connectors are distinguishable from one
  • A PC-Based Development Programmer for the PIC16C84
    This application note describes the construction of a low cost serial programmer which uses a PC with a parallel (Centronix printer) port to control a PIC16C84. This programmer has the capability of programming a PIC16C84 microcontroller, and reading back internal data without removing the device
  • Medical Device Link .
    customer request. The assembly is available in standard and custom versions, the standard configuration featuring a PVC overmoulded socket with a 360 conical segmented strain relief. The pin conforms to DIN 42-803 dimensional specifications. Standard assemblies incorporate 32-, 16-, 10-, 6
  • USB Generic Function on an Embedded Device
    The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a simple and common interface for connecting peripheral devices to a personal computer or other host. To harness its flexibility and power with minimal effort, Microchip provides the USB Generic Function firmware. The generic driver provides a very simple interface
  • Medical Device Link .
    Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) products, which use thinner, more flexible cables and fewer connector pins than conventional parallel ATA technology. The serial architecture improves airflow and allows for easier board routing. Leoni Tailor-Made Cable. Extremely flexible flat cables and hybrid
  • System Supervisors in ICSP TM Architectures
    ICSP circuit. Key Programmer Specifications. Another important aspect to consider for In-Circuit. Serial Programming includes the cable length for the. The PRO MATE® II and the ICSP Socket Module, part. interface. Not only are sufficient current drive capabili-. number AC004004, were used to test

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