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  • Application of Dempster-Shafer Theory to Oil Monitoring
    theory of Dampster-shafer is applied to realize the information fusion of multi-parameter in oil monitoring. Two diesel engines model 8NVD-48A were monitored under running condition by the oil monitoring methods such as spectrometric oil analysis, ferrographic monitoring, infrared spectrum analysis
  • Thrust Ratings and Dimensional Data (Metric)
    Shafer L-Series linear actuators are custom engineered to match the specific application requirements of stroke length, thrust, and power pressure. Due to the vast number of combinations offered by valve manufacturers, little standardization is allowed.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Shafer. "And because it's mostly metal, it can accommodate fluids that range in consistency from water to thick pastes at very high pressures," he says. In addition to sturdy components, the air-operated Kiss valve also features a nonrestrictive internal design that increases flow rates. According