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  • Submersible Mixers-Image
    Submersible Mixers - (55 companies)
    Submersible mixers can be immersed totally in wastewater to maintain a mixture of fluids and solids. Submersible Mixers Information. Submersible mixers can be completely immersed in water. They are used to treat wastewater before it enters another...
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  • Submersible Pumps-Image
    Submersible Pumps - (768 companies)
    Submersible pumps can be mounted into a tank with the liquid media. The pump 's motor is normally sealed in an oil filled cavity that is protected from contact with the liquid. Submersible pumps are designed to be fully immersible within a tank...
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  • Cantilever Pumps-Image
    Cantilever Pumps - (85 companies)
    Cantilever pumps are centrifugal pumps used in sump pump applications. They are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Many styles including submersible motors. How to Select Cantilever Pumps. Image Credit: Goulds Pumps| Prestige Pumps...
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  • Utility Pumps-Image
    Utility Pumps - (135 companies)
    Utility pumps are used in many applications such as dewatering low-lying areas, pool covers, and sumps. They are not designed for continuous use.
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  • Wastewater Pumps-Image
    Wastewater Pumps - (478 companies)
    ...of wastewater pumps include lift stations, mixed flow pumps, sampling pumps, sump pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, and utility pumps. Features. Wastewater pumps are available with a variety of features. Adjustable speed pumps can operate...
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    Sewage Pumps - (411 companies)
    ...the basin. By contrast, close-coupled submersible ejector pumps use a motor that is connected directly to the pump housing and impeller by a short shaft and submerged completely inside the basin. Typically, both types of ejector pumps are used to move...
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    Artificial Lift Equipment - (14 companies)
    ...submersible pumps (ESPs) consist of a downhole pump, electric motor, separator, electric power cable, and surface control panel. Utilizing centrifugal force, they pump fluids to the surface. ESPs are versatile pumping solutions that serve a wide variety...
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    Well Pumps - (200 companies)
    ...such as jet pumps, submersible pumps, mud pumps, and bladder pumps. Well pumps may be used for other applications beyond well water collection, such as unloading tankers or storage tanks, and may include pumping other material besides water...
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    Turbine Pumps - (257 companies)
    ...with no external assistance. Submersible - The motor on a turbine pump is typically above the liquid level, but some can be designed to be submerged in the media on a shorter drive shaft. Vertical orientation - Turbine pumps with a vertical orientation, also...
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    Water Pumps - (861 companies)
    ...submersible water pumps) or by motive type (such as centrifugal, cantilever, or hand water pumps) can be used in water service applications. See the main pumps page for links to pumps classified by motive force. Types. While slurries and the like are best...
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  • Energy and Power Technology
    Device Lett. 2009, 30: 213 [3] S.L.Rumyantsev, N.Pala, M.S. Shur et al, J … water source heat pump; chilled water pump; submersible pump µij ri ri e dri y pc j   .

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