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Parts by Number for Silica Board Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CS17959 PLC Radwell Hach Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board BOARD ASSEMBLY SILICA
4065900 PLC Radwell Hach Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board PC BOARD ASSEMBLY SILICA

Conduct Research Top

  • Microporous Silica: Ultra Low Thermal Conductivity Boards (.pdf)
    Microporous Silica has the lowest thermal conductivity of any rigid board material for service up to 1000°C. Microporous Silica is excellent back-up insulation for high temperature kilns. The very low thermal conductivity of the material makes it possible to reduce the overall thickness
  • Preparation of Paper Coatings
    such as china clay (kaolin) and bentonite, however, in modern paper coatings calcium carbonate is more common. Other materials are also used to obtain certain properties. These include: * Talc - for smoothness. * Silica - for applications requiring good water absorption rate - e.g. ink jet paper
  • Medical Device Link .
    and carbon nanotubes * two-dimensional platelet structures, for example, layered double hydroxides and smectites * sphere-like three-dimensional structures, for example, silica, zinc oxide and bariumtitanate. Intrinsically hydrophilic particle surfaces and hydrophobic. (Materials) Next Generation
  • New advances in microparticle retention
    techniques over the past twenty years to meet this challenge. Retention and drainage aid programs have evolved from the use of a single flocculant or conventional coagulant-flocculant program to include the use of anionic microparticles based on bentonite clay or colloidal silica chemistry
  • Medical Device Link . Microspheres, part 1:
    immunoassays, the newest dyed-particle sandwich tests, and solid-phase assays using silica or magnetic microspheres. Before microspheres can be used in any test or assay, they must be prepared for binding and coated with a ligand (usually a protein). The microspheres' interaction with other test
  • Medical Device Link .
    , containers for sterile saline, and tissue-culture flasks are just a few examples. In dentistry, porcelain crowns, silica fillers in composite resins, and glass-ionomer cements have also had a long and successful history of use. The use of bioceramic materials of which bioactive glasses are a subset
  • Medical Device Link . Artificial antibodies
    disproved, several groups subsequently tried to apply it to synthetic systems. Pauling's student, Frank Dickey, attempted to form specific absorbents using silica. In the 1970s Wulff, at the University of D usseldorf (Germany), formed covalent bonds between a monomer and the template molecule, followed
  • Low Cost Per Cycle Silicone Press Pad with Predictable Service Life (Press Pads for Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Lamination)
    mechanism is aerobic or. thermo-oxidative, and the final degradation by-product is silica. The free radical mechanism was. proposed by Andrianov [30]. 3. Pressure Uniformity Calculation. A silicone based press pad can be used for many cycles. A press cycle period is dependent on. time, temperature

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