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  • PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements
    (see Figure 3 through Figure 5). accuracy. • Nominal Voltage: 3*220/380V. Applying this energy meter to alternate designs such as. • Power Frequency: 50 Hz. single phase design, shunt based current measure-. • Nominal Current: 5A. ment, and delta wiring will be discussed. • Maximum Current: 10(20
  • Design Optimization Of Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) Stage Cell Capacitors (.pdf)
    equation was. used to calculate the complex impedance vector. − j ⋅Angle ⋅deg. V. i. 2 := V2 ⋅e. ⋅.001. i. i. 50⋅Ω. Zi := V1i −1. V2i. An example of the data is shown in figure 4. This plot. shows the magnitude of the driving point impedance for a. single tabbed capacitor. Driving Point Impedance
  • Load Reactors - Increase VFD System Performance & Reliability
    to use a 3-phase line reactor for a single-phase application. Selection and Use of the MTE Motor Protection Filter. Solving DC Drive Harmonics with Matrix Harmonic Filters. Tutorials. RFI/EMI. Line Reactor. Load Reactor. Motor Protection Filter. Harmonic Filter. Technical Articles. 6-Pulse Drive
  • Medical Device Link . New Test Equipment Offers Less Bulk, More Versatility
    for the tests they perform. While three single-test machines would probably have different operator interfaces, Piller notes, the Universal has a single membrane keypad for its three hardness tests. Test Quality Questions But what about test quality? Do devices made for a single test perform that test
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Testing and Certification Computerized, dry-air leak-testing instruments are available for production-line applications. The M-1000 series of leak detectors can be used as self-contained single-station testers or integrated into automated assembly and test systems. The units measure
  • Power Measurement Application Note
    Phase Circuits. The simplest single phase ac power connection requires two. wires. In low voltage circuits, voltage can be measured. directly with an appropriately scaled ac voltmeter. Current is. usually measured by inserting a current transformer in the. line side and monitoring the output with a 5A
  • Improving Motor Reliability Through Static and Dynamic Testing (.pdf)
    by the number of poles) over a single. pole group, and recording the change in inductance measurements for each phase of the motor. The EMAX identifies a rotor bar defect by comparing the Pole Pass Frequency (Fp) sideband to the line frequency. These frequencies are developed by collecting the three current
  • Electric Motor Testing-The New Kid on the PdM Block
    . of this technology. In one case, during a routine, online. inspection, a motor circuit was found to be in a single-. Online testing is done by connecting current transformers phased condition. Further troubleshooting revealed an. (CT) and potential transformers (PT) on each phase of unsatisfactory bus

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