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    There a190 were on exhibition valve -facing grinders made by the Albertson & Son, Inc., Sioux City, Ia., together with bench and flexible shaft grinding equipment.
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  • Roadside Spray Control: On-board Monitoring and Recording of Environmental Conditions for the Prevention of Application in Adverse Conditions.
    The antenna was a few meters in front of the spray valves so the actual locations of … A radar-based speed and displacement sensor (Model 063-0159-839, Raven Industries, Sioux Falls, SD) was used to measure vehicle ground speed.
  • Distance-Based Control System for Machine Vision-Based Selective Spraying
    … controller directed a 12 VDC signal to the solenoid valves through solid-state relays to activate valves . A radar ground speed sensor (Dickey-John, Auburn, Ill.) was used to measure the distance traveled. This device was calibrated according to a standard commercial procedure (Raven Ind., Sioux Falls, S.D.) and …
  • CR4 - Thread: Valve Seat Grinder
    My company is looking for a replacement for our old Sioux 1695 Valve Seat Grinder. We are grinding the valve seats of the AVDS 1790 diesel engine.
  • Effect of Agricultural Sprayer Flow Control Hardware on Nozzle Response
    Point row angle Ground speed (km h -1 ) System Pressure (kPa) Sections 1 and 3 Section 2 … Regulating valve tests Flow control configuration-1 tests consisted of using both the butterfly and fast ball … … with a fast ball regulating valve (Model No. 063-0171-265, Raven Ind., Sioux Falls, SD, USA …
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  • Spinner-Disc Technology to Enhance the Application of Poultry Litter
    … Prince hydraulic PTO pump (Model No. HC-PTO-1AC, Prince Manufacturing Corp., North Sioux City, S.D … A block experimental design was implemented since hydraulic hoses had to be disconnected between valves thereby minimizing potential loss, spillage on the ground , and contamination of hydraulic oil.
  • A Compact Variable Rate Sprayer for Teaching Precision Agriculture
    … gal), 3.57 m (11.7 ft) towed Fimco ATVTS-60-12V (North Sioux City, S.D … The Control II system consists of a task controller; sprayer remote; two electrically-operated flow control valves ; pressure, flow, and ground speed sensors; display monitor; and implement and tractor wiring harnesses.