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  • Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes, In Particular Copper Tubes
    to reduce the quantity of material used and in order to cut costs. These more stringent requirements can be met only with eddy-current testers with rotating scanning probes. The punctiform probes of these testers provide a far higher flaw resolution, thus allowing detection of even small linear flaws
  • Copper
    to embrittlement at high temperature. The addition of phosphorus produces grade C12200 -- the standard water-tube copper. High-copper alloys contain small amounts of alloying elements that improve strength with some loss in electrical conductivity. In amounts of 1%, for example, cadmium increases strength by
  • * Copper Concentrate Analysis by Pressed Powder Method
    . These powder samples were prepared using the. pressed powder technique. This method is the most. Instrument. common technique for powder samples in XRF. The Supermini200 is sequential wavelength dispersive. spectrometry because of its simplicity, low expertise. 1. XRF 5041. level requirement, small
  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)
    provides a high input. impedance (one of the drawbacks of bipolar transistors) and is used to control the base current to the. transistor. The base current controls the current between the transistor’s output terminals. When no base. current is present the transistor can pass only a very small amount
  • Simultaneous XRD/XRF with low-power X-Ray tubes
    side-window tube. direct and focus the electron. beam onto the copper anode. The important features of the MOXTEK tube are that it is small in size and consumes. very little power compared to conventional tubes. The tube is 42 mm and 15 mm in. diameter (Fig. 7). The high-voltage power supply is 3x7x17 cm
  • Direct Drive Bourdon Basics
    Named for its inventor, Eugene Bourdon, the Bourdon tube is a curved, flattened piece of. tubing, closed at one end, which tends to straighten when a pressure is applied to its open end. It is. used in pressure measuring devices with a gear/lever mechanism to magnify its small movement to a. larger
  • Metal Electrodes
    in producing electrodes to print and electrodes unique in graphite such as rototubes, and small letters and numbers. Saturn Industries also produces graphite blanks in any of the above mentioned brands. We can manufacture your graphite blank to any specific size you might need in both ground and sawcut
  • Medical Device Link .
    , catheter tips, tubes, and implants. Demand for these supersmall parts is growing rapidly, notes Donna Tully Bibber, vice president of sales for Miniature Tool & Die Inc. (Charlton, MA), a maker of steel micromolds. "We're being inundated with really funky, small applications that we would have giggled
  • Medical Device Link .
    by heating. The pure, deionized, filtered water is pressurized between 50 and 500 bar. However, its consumption remains low (about 1 L/hr) because of the jet 's small diameter. The nozzles, which can be either sapphire or diamond, may be as small as 25 um in diameter. The laser sources are diverse
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel wire for use in catheter-related diagnostic devices, among other products. Wire as small as 0.0025 in. wide and 0.0003 in. thick is available. Width tolerances of +-0.0003 in. and gauge tolerances of +-0.0001 in. can be attained. The stainless steel is precision rolled and tempered

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