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  • Comparing Miniature DC Motors and Gearboxes
    Unlike their fractional and integral horsepower cousins that can be â Ratedâ using norms by such organizations as the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) there are no such standards for rating small fractional
  • Flexible gears bolster wind-turbine reliability
    , a relatively small amount of acceleration and angular movement at the gearbox input gets multiplied 100 times at the output -- building up massive amounts of torsional windup and strain energy in the gears. Turbine makers typically use planetary gears to divide torque along three paths and reduce
  • Tom-Thumb turbines power radio-controlled jets
    Engineers have managed to shrink the modern jet engine until it is small enough to fit in model planes. David Matthews of Shannon, Ireland, (right) built this 1/10 scale model of a C-17a Globemaster III. The model has a 17-ft wingspan, weighs 200 lb, and has four engines with 20-lb thrust each
  • Benefits of IEPE accelerometer isolation design
    Integrated electronics piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometers are a mainstay of the industrial vibration monitoring market. These rugged devices are found in a variety of industries monitoring anything from small circulation pumps to large cooling tower gearboxes. The explosion of the wind turbine
  • Selecting Keyless vs Keyed Connections for Motor to Gear Reducer (.pdf)
    Knowing the differences between keyless and keyed-shafted connections is vital in distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of both types of specifications when choosing a gearbox for your motor. In today's marketplace, the need for speed, precision and small size are not only dictating
  • Servos make plasma cutter light and nimble
    for Dynatorch, allow use of relatively small but fast servomotors. The cutting machines let artists turn out such intricate pieces as this weather vane by Sam Dennison of Green Mountain Enterprises. Brushless servomotors let a maker of plasma and oxyfuel cutters cut intricate designs in metal. The machines
  • News Briefs
    a year over a five-year period, each bringing pain and inconvenience for the patient--and extra costs for the hospital. The new procedure is non-invasive and involves placing a small magnetic rotor in the patient's leg. This is linked to the prosthetic implant by a gearbox and is turned
  • Medical Device Link .
    small-diameter medical tubing to rigid window and door profiles. The SCE-series cutters, which feature a velocity-controlled servomotor, and the new SCX series, featuring a position-controlled servomotor, provide high precision and speed. Both series are available with 2.25-, 3.25-, 4.25

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  • Vehicle gear
    A partial stream is directed across an oil cooler (2 in Abb. 12.18) that is directly integrated because of the low gear loss power into the water circuit of the motor.
  • Dubbel
    The undivided housing by small gears prefers; installation through lateral openings.
  • Power transmission in vehicle gears
    A comparison of the least gear family F1311 in .
  • Dubbel
    The undivided housing by small gears prefers; installation through lateral openings.
  • Dubbel
    The housing by small gears prefers; installation through lateral openings.
  • Gear train
    The automatic transmission has a of sheet metal of pressed Föttinger-transducer in Tril okay-construction manner, that the tasks of a motor-energy mass. a vibration damper, a clutch and that of the first gear gear, furthermore the function of a …
  • Reliability of mechatronischer systems
    Data and findings to the life of small gears .
  • Wind turbines
    For lesser gear , the box design with cover flange offensichtlich is more advantageous than gear housing with only and abtriebsseitigen flanges.