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  • Solid-state relays
    through the coil of a reed relay. Closure of the reed switch triggers the thyristor into conduction. Transformer-coupled SSRs send an ac control signal through the primary of a small transformer. (In the case of dc control signals, the input first goes through a dc/ac converter before hitting
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    sophisticated. instruments at a small fraction of the comparable commercial cost. The book addresses the practical aspects of amplifying, processing, simulating, and. evoking these biopotentials. In addition, in two chapters we address the issue of safety in. the development of electronic medical devices
  • How to Measure Current and Make Power Measurements
    not associated with typical signal acquisition.  Measuring the voltage across small burden resistors placed in the circuit is often impractical, and can be potentially dangerous.  Common instruments such as digital multimeters can typically measure currents on the order of a few amperes, but these generally
  • UltraVolt HVPS Output-Current Monitor
    by connecting a small capacitor between the Iout Monitor and the Signal Ground Return to form an R*C with the internal isolation resistor. The isolation resistor varies with the HVPS series as does the internal sense-circuit impedance, which varies from model to model. The "A" Series has a 15k?, 1%
  • The hot and cold of LVDTs
    used for calibrating the LVDT output. This type of error is known as a zero-shift or scale-shift error. The effect is the same as adding or subtracting a small constant value to the calibrated output voltage. Rising ambient temperatures produce a higher resistance in the copper wire used

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