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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
K120808 PLC Radwell Federal Signal Not Provided AUDIO TRANSFORMER SMALL 27SERIES
B78304A1113A003 ASAP Semiconductor EPCOS Not Provided TRANSFORMER-SMALL SIGNAL PRI L

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  • PC Mount Transformers
    PC mount transformers offer a small footprint for the design engineer looking to measure sensor current or voltage on a computer board. Applications for PC mount transformers include sensing current overload, ground fault detection, metering, isolated current feed-back signal in switch-mode power
  • Which High-Frequency Power Switchmode Transformer is Right For Your Application
    Power. Large Inductors / Reactors. Small Inductors / Chokes. Linear Single Phase Transformers. Linear Three Phase Transformers. Power Toroid Medical Grade. Power Toroid 50/60 Hz. Current Monitoring (AC). Current Sense Transformer Line Frequency 50 / 60 HZ. High Frequency Current Monitoring. Medical
  • AN508 Protecting Signal Lines Against EMI
    against interference. reflection and absorption, characterize how a shield works. Reflection loss is. There is still a small capacitance between the noise source and conductor due related to the ratio between the electromagnetic wave impedance and the shield. to imperfections in the shield, holes
  • Signal Interference and Cable Shielding
    Locations. High. Electrolic processes. Large motors, generators. transformers. Induction heating. Relay controls. Power lines. Heavy processing plants such. as steel mills and foundries. Medium. Medium-size motors. generators, transformers. Relay controls. Average manufacturing. plants. Low. Small
  • Basic Output Generator Excitation and Demodulation Requirements for USD Gyroscopes
    . As such, an appropriate amplifier is needed to increase the current. as well as conveniently provide other signal conditioning opportunities, such as phase correction, if needed. The push-pull output stage (the two small-signal type transistors) in the figure above serves as a low power. amplifier
  • What Makes a Good Coupler?
    . On small units like in-line. couplers, solder sealed steel cases are superior to screwed. North Hills™Signal Processing Corp. 6851 Jericho Turnpike. Phone: 516-682-7700. Syosset, NY 11791. Fax: 516-682-7704. A Leading Provider of Measurement and Connectivity Solutions. NH-DB-APP-254
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    sophisticated. instruments at a small fraction of the comparable commercial cost. The book addresses the practical aspects of amplifying, processing, simulating, and. evoking these biopotentials. In addition, in two chapters we address the issue of safety in. the development of electronic medical devices
  • Understanding Resolvers and Resolver-to-Digital Conversion
    secondaries in the stator (neces-. controlling the angle of gun turrets on tanks and war-. sitating brushes and slip rings or a rotating transformer to. ships. Resolvers are typically built like small motors with a. couple signals into the primary), the Rotasyn contains. rotor (attached to the shaft whose

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