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  • BBG Tech Tip #9: Solder Mask
    Solder mask or solder resist is like varnish or lacquer that is applied to the outside or top and bottom layers to form a permanent protective coating for the copper traces of a printed circuit board. The solder mask prevents solder from bridging between conductors that will create a short
  • Medical Device Link . Ensuring Solder Joint Integrity
    accommodate only very narrow solder dams, the areas between pads filled with solder mask, and solder wells, the areas surrounding the pads that are devoid of solder mask. Thus, accurate solder mask application and registration is more difficult. Also, as the pad width narrows, the allowable solder
  • M538: Surface Mounting Instructions - Footprint Guidelines
    and will also allow for just enough excess surface area for adequate solder filleting. The following recommended footprints are suggested guidelines only and may require ground plane modifications for electrical and/or thermal considerations. When an increase in ground plane size is necessary, solder mask
  • SMT Adhesive Dispensing (.pdf)
    The adhesive dispensing process, can be defined as the process of transferring adhesive onto the PCB solder mask in a position suitable for holding the later placed components until the PCB is wave soldered. In some cases, this process is also used to hold heavy components in the second pass
  • Tech Tip #13: Panel Plating vs Pattern Plating
    , are to be plated with copper. Tin is then plated onto those areas to serve as an etch resist allowing the removal of unwanted copper prior to solder mask operation.
  • S2083: Surface Mounting Instructions for PQFN Packages
    . With the correct pad geometry, the package will self-align when subjected to a solder reflow process and will also allow for just enough excess surface area for adequate solder filleting. The solder mask should be applied over bare copper (SMOBC) to avoid solder reflow under the solder mask
  • S2082: Surface Mounting Instructions CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 Ceramic 16 and 24 PIN Packages
    copper is etched away, allowing the solder mask to be applied to bare copper, as shown. The only isolated pads are the RF input and output lines, bias lines and control lines. Electrical and thermal considerations may require the board to contain plated via holes located under the package
  • M2031: Printed Circuit Board Design for LSM1 VCOs
    , the additional copper area should be covered by a solder resist mask so as to leave only the recommended pad footprint available for attachment. This will contain the solder reflow and eliminate any alignment problems during reflow soldering.