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  • Specific Gravity Measurement
    Specific gravity is the heaviness of a substance compared to that of water, and it is expressed without units. In the metric system specific gravity is the same as in the English system. If something is 7.85 times as heavy as an equal volume of water (such as iron is) its specific gravity is 7.85
  • Specific Gravity and Liquid Interface Floats
    These floats are typically used when two different liquids, such as oil and water are in the same tank. The float is weighted to fall through the lighter liquid and float on top of the heavier liquid. Signal when unwanted condensation accumulates in tanks. Process variables in specific gravity
  • LVDT Use in Specific Gravity Sensors
    lvdt04 LVDT use in Specific Gravity Sensors. Engineers, as a means to create, often strive for the “least Signals from the controller in turn activate pumps that. energy method” - or, in other words, the simplest way to add flux to maintain a selected set point. This system is. accomplish
  • High-specific-gravity thermoplastics open new design windows
    Advanced materials and processes continue to push the performance limits of engineered plastics. Here are some recent developments and a few design tips to get the most from that plastic part. Thermoplastics have been used to decrease part weight and part count or both. Once a base resin has been
  • gravity lensing
    . In astronomy we tend to take little pictures of a specific area of the sky with lots of detail. To photograph the entire galactic bulge, we'd have to take hundreds of pictures and combine them, " said DePoy. "But if you stepped out in your back yard at night and looked in the direction of the bulge
  • Gravity Lubricator Application
    of Oil-Rite s technical sales representatives to determine the kind of lubricator best suited to the application. Single feed electro lubricators were selected. Lubrication occurs when the solenoid is activated, making the unit especially suitable for intermittent operations. The specific
  • Medical Device Link .
    with specific gravities ranging form 1.7 to 10, these "heavy " composites enable designers to combine functions and tune the weight of parts. According to Paul Blanchard, marketing manager, "the ability to add weight to functional plastic parts provides designers with new productivity opportunities. With LNP's
  • Jamak Develops Fiber Reinforced Elastomer for Oil and Gas use
    applications. ï (R) Typical Physical Properties ï (R) Elastomer Conv. FRSE ï (R) Hardness 58 75 ï (R) Tensile 1285 1102 ï (R) Tear 114 151 ï (R) Elongation 421 347 ï (R) 25% Modulus 132 387 ï (R) 100% Modulus 1285 1102 ï (R) Specific Gravity 1.25 1.19 The chosen formulation was also evaluated
  • Medical Device Link . Metallocene Polyethylene Films as Alternatives to Flexible PVC for Medical Device Fabrication
    (mPE) are currently being made with specific gravities in the range of 0.86 0.92 and comonomer content of 0 45%. Polyolefin plastomer resins formulated as ethylene-octene copolymers with less than 20% comonomer (produced by Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI) have demonstrated enhanced toughness
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Provide Net Weight Filling Excellence
    are accurate only volumetrically. When the weight of a product per unit volume, termed its specific gravity, changes, the volumetric dose the filler produces doesn't change --but the weight of the volumetric filling dose does. NET /MASS� LIQUID FILLING SYSTEMS. CORIOLIS MASS FLOW METERS PROVIDE NET

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