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  • Density Range
    Density range is the range of densities that a density or specific gravity instrument can measure. Density is expressed as mass per unit volume, and usually specified in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/^m). The density of water is 1000 kg/m^3 and snow density is usually measured as a ratio
  • How Do Those Potato Chips Taste? (.pdf)
    ". (See Figure 3) These specific behaviors obstruct the steady discharge of the powder out of the opening. The ability to predict whether this will happen before the powder is packaged and sent to the customer is a tremendous benefit. Flow aids and dust suppressants can be added as necessary. The chips
  • Piston Viscometers
    Piston viscometers and falling ball viscometers move or drop a piston or ball through the test liquid, which is contained in a precise and temperature-controlled tube. Under constant applied force, the time required for the piston or ball to pass a specific length of the tube is proportional
  • Can You Predict Powder Flow Behavior By Measuring Density
    to quantify the change in density. A cylinder full of powder is "tapped" a specific number of times, say 100 or 150, and the resulting volume is compared to the original. This ratio quantifies the degree of compaction. This gives a good idea of the density behavior, but unfortunately cannot predict
  • Bulk Density of Powders Made Easy
    method is a standard "tap" test. This involves filling a container or a beaker with a powder, then tapping it for a specified number of times (100, 180 times are fairly standard). The tapping part is done either with a specific mechanical device or, even more subjectively, a person. Calculations

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