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  • gravity lensing
    . In astronomy we tend to take little pictures of a specific area of the sky with lots of detail. To photograph the entire galactic bulge, we'd have to take hundreds of pictures and combine them, " said DePoy. "But if you stepped out in your back yard at night and looked in the direction of the bulge
  • Physical and Virtual Prototyping of Magnesium Instrument Panel Structures (.pdf)
    to develop a design for a specific. castings. A primary reason for these variations in. process (die-casting, sand or investment) would be. properties is due to the differences in the solidification. identical. Thus, the next consideration would be one of. rates between selected processes. delivery
  • Development Of A Slush Molded TPO Instrument Panel Skin (.pdf)
    and TPU also offer. Figure 3. advantage by providing improved dimensional stability. compared to PVC. TPO material cost ($/mass) is comparable. to the cost of PVC ($/mass) and much lower than the cost of. potential to become the dominant material in interior skin. TPU when specific gravity differences
  • Flow Instruments Based on Differential Pressures
    to be measured, line pressure, spe-cific gravity and viscosity of the fluid, and operating temperature. Two of these need defining. Specific gravity basically is the density or weight of the liquid compared to that of water at standard conditions. Specific gravity is expressed as a number; for water, it is 1.0
  • Density Range
    Density range is the range of densities that a density or specific gravity instrument can measure. Density is expressed as mass per unit volume, and usually specified in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/^m). The density of water is 1000 kg/m^3 and snow density is usually measured as a ratio
  • Medical Device Link .
    Steam sterilizers offer a range of cycle functions to address any standard steam sterilization application. The Series 100HC sterilizers come with software that allows cycles to be configured for specific processing needs and customized cycle names. The units are shipped from the factory with 19
  • Medical Device Link .
    . A multiparameter blood-gas monitor system combines fiber optics with specific chemical probes to directly measure blood chemistry and blood gases. The key component in the instrument is a small invasive probe fitted with three optical-fiber sensors that simultaneously measure CO2, O2, and pH
  • How Do Those Potato Chips Taste? (.pdf)
    ". (See Figure 3) These specific behaviors obstruct the steady discharge of the powder out of the opening. The ability to predict whether this will happen before the powder is packaged and sent to the customer is a tremendous benefit. Flow aids and dust suppressants can be added as necessary. The chips

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