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  • Who supplies whom
    …ADS system for front and rear axle ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Air springs (series) Vibracoustic Brake booster … Adaptive cruise control ContiTemic Cable harness for parking assistance … piercing riveting Emhart Teknologies Load space Intier Automotive Modular … Seat belts - Active Control Retractor technology TRW Automotive Technical…
    Four life cycle ranges are offered covering loads from 1.02 to 73.42N (0.23 to .... Typical applications include counterbalance springs , car seat belt and cable retractors mechanisms.
  • Alternative Way of Shifting Mass To Move a Spherical Robot - Nasa Tech Briefs :: NASA Tech Briefs
    Because there would be little rotation between the payload and the spherical shell, it is unlikely that the wires would become tangled; however, one might wish to include spring - loaded retractors to minimize the probability of entanglement. .... In the case of a flexible shell, all the cables supporting the payload could be retracted or…
  • Suppliers to the new Dodge Journey
    …C/C beam) Brown Steering columns Thyssenkrupp Technologies Suspension modules TRW Automotive ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC 6-DVD changer radio with optional integrated sirius satellite radio tuner Alpine Electronics ABS-/ESP-sensor cables Leoni Actuators TRW Automotive … EXTERIOR 2 x gas spring liftgate Stabilus Auxiliary jack … module bracket Brown Headrest Johnson Controls I/P bolsters & bezels (PC/ABS) Dow Automotive Inner dash insulator HP Pelzer Inside prismatic mirror Magna Radio pincher brackets Brown Seat belt retractors - 2nd row TRW Automotive … TRW Automotive Tri-fold load floor BBi Enterprises Upper…
  • A Moving Deformable Barrier with Dynamic Force and Deflection Spatial Measurement Capabilities for Full Scale Tests
    Two aluminum strips, equaling the thickness of the load cells, were positioned at the top and bottom .... The displacement string potentiometers measure the dynamic deflection on the face of the MDB and were designed with a retractor constant spring tension of 8.9 N (2 lbs). .... A 0.508 mm (0.020 in.) diameter steel wire cable was routed through the honeycomb and…
  • Design, fabrication, and testing of a mechanical timer in application of a stored-heat solar cooker
    Typically used as retractors in tape measures and cable reels, these springs are wound into a tight coil to provide uniform force throughout extension and retraction. .... The free end has one hole for attaching a load to the spring, unless noted.
  • Preliminary Design of the Cruise, Entry, Descent, and Landing Mechanical Subsystem for MSL
    These retractors are still to be designed but are expected to be small spring loaded devices. .... •Separation plane •System Cabling • Fluid Loop • Structural Interface • Coax Cable • W .
  • Constant Force Springs
    If the spring is overextended a similar reaction can occur where the spring loses its mount and recoils in reverse, possibly damaging the load . .... Constant force springs frequently appear in doors, cable and hose retractors , toys, hair driers, and gym equipment.
    …Actuator for Ship Roll Stabilization 79 Electrical Current Transferring and Brush Pressure Exerting Spring Device 752 Electrical … Matrix Compositions 191 Fabrication of Tile Reinforced Composite Armor Casting 795 Faired Tow Cable with Stubs for … Mechanisms 102 Leakage Plugging Method and Implement 428 Lightweight Battery Electrode and Method of Making It 369 Lightweight Zinc Electrode 64 Linear Magnetostrictive Actuator 275 Lip and Cheek Retractor 690 Liquid Metal Brush … Electrical Machinery Systems 629 Load Bearing Connective Damper 357…
  • Modern Engine Technology from A to Z
    The nozzle is opened fully by a retractor spring if no electrical power is applied. .... E-gas, no mechanical connection exists between gas pedals and actuators for engine load and engine speed .... This is implemented by direct connection of the throttle actuator or by Bowden cables or linkages.
  • The Hybrid III Dummy Family Subject to Loading by a Motorized Shoulder Belt Tensioner
    One load cell was located immediately adjacent to the occupant's shoulder and the other next to the seatbelt retractor . .... A Celesco PT-101 (Chattworth, CA) cable extension position transducer measured webbing retraction. .... pulled forward with the rope and the rope released, the dummy would unnaturally spring back to a…
  • An automated tether management system for microgravity extravehicular activities
    Passive retractor operation saves power by emulating existing safety tether systems and active operation expedites tether retraction .... These hooks are fastened around tether loops or cables that are integral to the equipment, suits, and .... This device features a spring - loaded reel that dispenses and controls the length of tether in the workspace.
  • Automated tether management system for extravehicular activities
    The drive system disengages similarly when the motor is deactivated or the spring - loaded reel turns faster than the terminal speed of the mo- tor. .... The motor used in the retractor is identical to that of the gripper, including the gear transmission … the purpose of testing and evaluating retraction, a military grade fiber-optic data cable ͑Optical Cable Corp.