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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FS-STM-IJ-8X9-COMBO Global Industrial TMI Inc Not Provided Spring-Loaded Roll-Up Dock Door Pvc Coated Blue Vinyl Panels & Vision Panel 8x9
FS-STM-IJ-8X8-SOLID Global Industrial TMI Inc Not Provided Tmi Spring-Loaded Roll-Up Bug Dock Door With Pvc Coated Blue Vinyl Panels 8 X 8
FS-STM-IJ-8X8-MESH Global Industrial TMI Inc Not Provided Tmi Spring-Loaded Roll-Up Bug Screen Dock Door With 11 Oz Mesh Panels 8 X 8
654007011 PLC Radwell Jagenberg Inc Machine Parts, Assembly for Machine SPRING LOADED ROLLER LEVER

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  • Glossary of Caster Terminology
    . (See C, Key Measurements). Outer Diameter (O.D.): The term used to describe the outside measurement of an object: i.e. Axle, Bearings, Bushings etc. Position Lock: Position locks have a spring-loaded rod that can be attached to a caster to stop the swivel from turning. The raceways are notched
  • Instrument and control
    contacts in place. The mechanism consists of a pointed, notched, molded wheel rotating between the two metal rollers mounted on spring-loaded arms. This arrangement provides a positive snap action as the handle turns. The momentary type uses a rotor that returns to its original position by a double
  • Electric Panels
    lbs. payload capacity, 77.3 inches of vertical travel and 360 degrees of main post rotation. *?Bearing assembly with spring loaded lock providing stops at 90 degree increments. *?Pitching endjoint specifically designed to allow 90 degrees of pitch, with soft stop circuitry, from a horizontal
  • Peristaltic Pumps Provide Option for Ethanol Producers
    Difference. Peristaltic pumps are unique in that there are no seals, valves or moving parts in the product stream. The pump's operation is elegantly simple. A hose or tubing element positioned along stationary pump housing is compressed from the outside by shoes or spring-loaded rollers
  • Glass Panels
    damage to the parts. Solutions: *?Vertical Lift Cylinder on dual rail carriage specifically designed to run on customer supplied light rail system. *?Vacuum tooling with cups configured to handle a wide range of parts. *?Bearing assembly with spring-loaded lock providing stops at 90 degree increments
  • ATLANTA Rack & Pinion Drives Featured in Motion Systems Design Magazine Article
    which is fixed, and one whi5ch. 5. Machine ways. is axially spring-loaded. Befo0re. 0. The widest variety of. operating, the split-pinion is. 100. 100. technologies and materials. first adjusted to remove the mesh. are used to protect in any. backlash; it is then preloaded 95to. environmental
  • Design and Development of a 2-Step Rocker Arm (.pdf)
    lightly loaded systems and. requirements were well defined and some had to be. 1. estimated or assumed based on experience. Tradeoffs. Switching mechanisms are also susceptible to a. between conflicting design objectives had to be identified. behavior, hereafter referred to as an ejection, which
  • Common Symbology in Pneumatics
    Dryer Air Motor (One Directional Flow) Air Motor (Two Directional Flows) Check Valve (Spring Loaded) Compressor Cylinder -----(Spring Return) Cylinder Double Acting (Double Rod) Cylinder Double Acting (Single Fixed Cushion) Cylinder Double Acting (Two Adjustable Cushions

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