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Parts by Number for Spring Loaded Solenoid Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
B14-2067 Allied Electronics, Inc. JOHNSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Custom Spring Loaded Solenoid for Rubbermaid

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  • Air spring key to robot handler
    . This consists of a pressure regulator, backed by spring-loaded pop-off valves that trigger at 20
  • Aircraft Brake Unit Spring Testing
    Crimp Receptacle. Small Circular Bollard Grip. Small Circular Bollard Grip. Small Pneumatic Plane Grips. Small Single Action Vice Grips. Spring Action Vice Clamp. Spring Loaded Eccentric Grip. Spring Loaded Fold Grip. Test Hooks. Two Way Plane Grip. Webbing Grip. Compression fixtures. 3-Point Bend
  • Pulse and Hold Power Management
    Acro Associates' solenoid pinch valves employ a spring-loaded linear actuator to control motion of the pinching surfaces. Most linear solenoid actuators are closing-the-air-gap devices, where the force characteristics vary substantially throughout the stroke. Generally, actuators are designed so
  • Medical Device Link .
    a spring-loaded tube bridge that gently handles shear-sensitive products such as blood, tissue, or live cultures. The pump allows the filling of fluid products with volumes that range from 100 ul to 5 L with a +-0.5% accuracy. , 115 Rte. 46 W.,. MPMN (Spotlight) - November 2001. Skip to : [Content
  • Medical Device Link .
    precision dispensing down to 1 ul. Its miniature size and low power consumption render the pump suitable for portable devices. A spring-loaded track extends tube life, and the tube holder allows for continuous tubing and other options. Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. High-speed
  • Fail-Safe Valves
    common, but are equally important. These are often found in cooling systems, or are used where flow is shut off only for periodic maintenance, etc. Some valves, such as spring-loaded air actuated ball valves, can be converted between types.The illustration below shows two air-actuated shut-off
  • Common Symbology in Pneumatics
    Dryer Air Motor (One Directional Flow) Air Motor (Two Directional Flows) Check Valve (Spring Loaded) Compressor Cylinder -----(Spring Return) Cylinder Double Acting (Double Rod) Cylinder Double Acting (Single Fixed Cushion) Cylinder Double Acting (Two Adjustable Cushions
  • CSA (AGA) - Certified External Remote Gas Shut-Off
    exterior mounted lock box where access is secure and limited to the gas company. The capillary is then pressurized with air (using a handheld pump) pushing the spring loaded piston back which opens the valve allowing gas service. If the gas service must be shutoff the exterior box is opened and the air

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