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  • Colossal Carbon Supersaturation in Austenitic Stainless Steels Carburized at Low Temperature (.pdf)
    stainless steel specimen (KJL-A). of Swagelok Company.). 4174. Y. Cao et al. / Acta Materialia 51 (2003) 4171–4181. by extrapolating the lattice parameters obtained. high density of stacking faults in the austenite. from the individual peak positions to q = 90° in a. matrix near the surface
  • Laser Spot Welding of Copper to Stainless Steel
    of the fiber laser in this novel. A series of copper spot welds onto thin stainless. material combination. Due to the challenges of. steel sheet were made successfully. welding copper to stainless steel, it is not a. widely used application; however some solar. The high power density obtained by using
  • Welding Stainless Steel and Inconel
    is required to drill through the 1.5 mil (0.0015 " or 0.038 mm) thick Mylar film. On the Marking tab, we set a Power percentage equivalent to 10 watts and chose a marking Velocity of 100 inches per second (IPS). Welding Stainless Steel. and Inconel. Stainless steels, known for their resistance
  • Properties of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Produced via Press and Sinter Route
    process can produce. components having a sintered density in the range of 6.8 to 7.3 g/cm3, for most of the common grades of. stainless steel. Within this range, a higher density is achieved by compacting at a relatively high. pressure, followed by sintering at a relatively high temperature (e.g., > 1288
  • Mechanical Properties of Metal Injection Moulded 316L Stainless Steel Using Both Prealloy and Master Alloy Techniques
    , a best density of 97% theoretical was achieved at a. ;. 316L Stainless Steel, Master Alloy Techniques. sintering temperature of 1350uC for 90 min. Tingskog et al. investigated the particle size effect and also the use of. # 2004 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. prealloyed versus master
  • Featured Application: Marking Painted Stainless Steel Bottles
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 233: Laser Marking Painted Stainless Steel Bottles, Cutting PETG Sheets, firestar v30 CO2 laser. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, March 18, 2010. Issue 233. Applications at a Glance. Laser Marking Painted Stainless Steel Bottles. Cutting PETG Sheets. News from
  • Featured Application: Marking Stainless Steel Multi-Tools
    Pro laser marking software. The Flyer head was equipped with a 125 mm focal length lens that provided a 180- um (0.007 ") spot size. This small spot size in combination with the high laser power is necessary to achieve the power density required to mark stainless steel. The company's logo consisted
  • Effect of environment on wood density
    at the Usutu Pulp mill of between 35 and 40 was used . Digestions were made in a stainless steel pressure vessel with forced circulation and an electric heat exchanger. The cooked chips were washed free of superficial black liquor and broken up in a propeller type disintegrator to simulate

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