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  • Laser Spot Welding of Copper to Stainless Steel
    to stainless steel, it is not a widely used application; however some solar panels show examples of these welds. A series of spot welds were made to weld 0.1 mm thick Copper to 0.15 mm thick type, 304, Stainless Steel. A series of copper spot welds onto thin stainless steel sheet were made
  • Welding Stainless Steel and Inconel
    SYNRAD's sealed CO2 lasers are used in a variety of industrial processes including cutting, welding, drilling, and marking. This news brief showcases some of the interesting materials and products that are processed daily by Synrad's line of CO2 lasers and marking heads. Low Density Polyethylene
  • Properties of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Produced via Press and Sinter Route
    Ferritic and austenitic stainless steels exhibit moderate levels of strength which are adequate for a wide range of applications. Martensitic stainless steels offer significantly higher strengths, but have very low ductility. For applications requiring high levels of strength (typically, above 600
  • Case Study: Bonding Integrity in Bimetallic Steel Tubing
    A number of samples were provided in 4 groups for evaluation of the interlayer bond integrity of stainless steel- tantalum-stainless steel tubing. These samples were examined with two types of RMEMATs (resonance mode electromagnetic acoustic transducers) each of several configurations; toroidal
  • Medical Device Link .
    EtO sterilization has traditionally taken place in stainless-steel, vacuum-pressure vessels with extensive ancillary equipment. However, for more than 25 years there has been a less costly and more flexible alternative to these fixed-volume steel vessels. This method, known as , can also
  • Let The Chips Fly
    tensile and yield strengths. Current density measurements of 303 and 304 stainless steels in an H2SO4 solution at different copper levels shows copper content improves the stainless steel's resistance to generalized corrosion. This graph compares the effect of magnetic permeability with cold work
  • Measuring liquid levels with LVDTs
    changes from a few inches to several feet. In the typical LVDT level sensor, a stainless-steel float coupled to a nonmagnetic stainless-steel rod is attached to the high-permeability armature core of the LVDT. The 4 to 20-mA loop-powered LVDT position transmitter senses the position of the core
  • Powder metal's most innovative designs
    . The 316 stainless-steel latch attaches to a door handle on a medical infusion pump. It has a density of 6.7 gm/cm3, an 11.5% elongation, and ultimate tensile and yield strengths of 65 and 42 kpsi, respectively. Secondary operations are limited to deburring, tempering, glass-bead finishing

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