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  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    Devcon's new, flame-retardant 10 Minute Epoxy FR is ideal for any OEM assembly that requires a self-extinguishing structural adhesive. It fills gaps and bonds metals, fabrics, glass, wood, and concrete in all combinations, and its flexibility, impact resistance, and durability make it ideal
  • Adhesives hold electric motors together
    that bond structural metal and plastic components; Proform hot melts for bonding engineering plastics, including polyolefins and high-temperature polyamides; and Encap potting and encapsulating compounds to protect electric parts from exposure to chemicals, moisture, and thermal shock. A new acrylic
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    (structural, pressure-sensitive, hot-melt). By end-use function (sensors, catheters, tissue, or bonding). Thermosets, Thermoplastics, and Elastomers. Polymeric-based adhesives can be divided into three major classes: thermosets, thermoplastics, and elastomers. A thermosetting adhesive, as the name
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    sealant than as a structural adhesive. Silicones have excellent chemical and electrical resistance. Fluorinated silicones have shown benefits in bonding to fluoropolymers by virtue both of their low surface energy and the fluorination. Ultraviolet (UV)-curable adhesives are increasingly popular
  • Medical Device Link . Implants and Disposables Drive the Search for Stronger Glues Biochemists are teaming up with marine biologists to examine an unlikely source of superadhesive technology.
    to withstand pressure of about 250 psi in order to clear an obstructed artery. But pumping the balloon up caused it to blow off its mount. "If it pops off in an artery, it sooner or later gets to the brain and kills the patient," Questel says. His team was eventually able to find the right structural
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    , NJ. Custom adhesive tapes. A supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes offers a range of custom foam bonding tapes suitable for sound attenuation and vibration damping in such applications as medical electronics. Viscoelastic properties of the tapes create structural
  • The next generation windows a new source of energy (reduction)
    , for example, city centres that were once ‘concrete jungles’. now have huge expanses of glass that reflect the sky and provide a lighter environment. Structural. glazing attaches glass to a building under high wind and stress loads, yet the adhesives and sealants. that strengthen the structure remain largely
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    include straightening, chamfering, heat-treating, and cut processing. A line of rigid, moldable, acrylic-based multipolymer compounds is designed to deliver the same structural integrity as other transparent plastics, but at a thinner gauge, according to the company. Cyrolite Med 2, CG-97, GS-90

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