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  • Instrumentation and control for fossil-energy processes
    The ultrasonic response through a wave- guide stud - welded to a specimen component is typified in Fig. 5, a video display produced on a Krautkramer-Branson 303B pulser-receiver without use of damping or zero suppression.
  • Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations in Enhancing Nuclear Safety Proceedings of an International Conference held in Aix-en-Proven...
    After a detailed investigation using remote video inspection techniques, it was confirmed that the studs bolted to the manifold and welded to the calandria shell were broken.
  • Konstruktionsleitfaden production technique
    Image 5-3 attachment feet for lantern posts 1 base plate; welded 2 supporting angles; 3 tube for posts; 4 threaded rod; 5 detecting nut; 6 lock nut .
  • New footbridges over motorways
    Baustellen- and weather protection) glass nonwoven-bitumen web V13 after DIN 52143, nailed finely besandet covered on bottom construction (compensation); cf. the image 20, transversely laid to the bridge axis webs, welded shocks.
  • Commercial vehicle technology
    ...weldment of variable length by use with integrated flange plate for Vorschrauben Zugdeichseln with mating flange (image 4-99) at the trailer (image 4-100) as weldment that support themselves at points two... ...trailer and alternatively screwable ( image 4-101), anschweissbar (image...
  • Development potential in the road bridge construction through the insert of hybrid load-bearing structures 1, part: beam bridges
    By every third transverse bulkhead of steel hollow boxes, the outer longitudinal carriers according to image 17 through rigid console carriers for steel hollow boxes are supported whereat the bottom belt lamella in... ...plate of the longitudinal carrier and welded to this.
  • Oil hydraulic system
    hyphenate of body sonic bridges: flange attachment of the pump on electric motor and leaning on container on only a common... ...damping ring [177] to pump carrier image 3-48, connection of... ...container configuration through steel welding construction in plate method...
  • Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook - Index
    ...range of, 1510–1513 within repetitions, 575–576, 581 of the secondary error, 575–576, 581 total, 509 Variation of the general mean, 520 VE (value engineering), 1482 Video compression, optimization of, 1310... ...419 Welch, Jack, 161 Welding : gas-arc stud weld process parameter optimization...
  • Precision and originality in the steel construction
    The supporting structure the consisted in the pavilions curved to ground plan of the BMW Group, "Dynaform" ( image 2), of following elements (The... ...3 mms - the "blades" obliquely welded to the "Fillets" of... amorphous form that supported the membrane-lining.
  • Machine tools construction and calculation
    For these characteristics that are listed in the right column of image 2.23, minimum values are to seek, i.e., the as low compliances as possible by minimum material insert or welding effort. ...model 18) as well as the V-förmige longitudinal ribbing (model 11) by that ribs support guideways.

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