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  • Capacitive Sensors Help Solve Difficult Level Applications (.pdf)
    the wall of a plastic or glass container, or by utilizing a sight glass or tank well for metal. containers. Capacitive sensors are used to detect a wide variety of materials,. including liquids of varying viscosities or solids like powders, rocks. and metals. For instance, capacitive sensors are often used
  • Night Vision Technologies
    turned aspherics from a range of Infrared materials including germanium (Ge) , calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc sulfide (ZnS), zinc Selenide (ZnSe), and AMTIR. 1 Anti-reflective glass. Tanks and land based fighting vehicles. Guidence Systems 3. Head up Mounted Display 5. Micro lensesand Filter 6. Gun
  • Unraveling the Complexities of Level Detection
    . When a target approaches the face of the sensor,. through the wall. Figure 1. it increases the capacitance and the amplitude of. of a plastic container, or by utilizing a sight. oscillation. The amplitude of oscillation is measured. glass or tank well for metal tanks. by an evaluating circuit
  • Morris Coupling General Products Brochure
    A Round Couplings. Standard and Custom-. CAM AND GROOVE COUPLINGS. Welded Fabrications. Cam and Groove Couplings. Sight Glasses. Cam and Groove Couplings. Vacuum Products. Compression Nut Assemblies. “Quickie” Assemblies. Installation Components. All Morris Compression Couplings, Quickon II Couplers
  • Unraveling the Complexities of Level Detection (.pdf)
    such as plastic. or glass to detect higher dielectric materials, such as liquids. View industrial. products and their dielectric constants. This allows capacitive sensors to detect. the level of many materials directly through the wall of a plastic container, or by. utilizing a sight glass or tank
  • Leveling the Playing Field
    the sight glass of a completely sealed vessel.  This sensor has advantages suited to the needs of special applications encountered in food, beverage, or pharmaceutical production.
  • Sensors 101: Baumer Electric Basics
    and solids. This, along with their ability to sense. through non-ferrous materials, makes them an ideal choice for. 122 Spring Street, C-6. Southington, CT. 800.937.9336. 2. Sensors 101: Baumer electric basics. level sensing applications; such as sight glass monitoring