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  • CAL Temperature Controllers Enhance Quality of Medical Research
    CAL temperature controllers from West Control Solutions are helping laboratory OEMs to provide the best possible conditions for research into the treatment of diseases such as cancer. In particular, the CAL 3300 temperature controller is providing outstanding service in controlling the performance
  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    and allows for temperature control of the sample through a water jacket into which the chamber is inserted. To achieve temperature equilibration, the spindle needs to be immersed in the sample material while it is coming to temperature. Once reached, a rotational speed can be set and temperatures ramped
  • Pressure Transducer Usage for Environmental Chamber Pressure Measurement for Test and Measurement Calibration Labs
    Calibration labs often require very specific knowledge of local environmental conditions. Environmental chambers present the ability to control a room's precise pressure, temperature, humidity and photo-stability or light levels. Standard electronic controls for most environmental chambers mean
  • Complying with ICH Guidelines Involving Temperature and Relative Humidity
    monitors the conditions. at that single location in your room, chamber, or section of ductwork. The. information from this sensor indicates the control constancy of the. conditioner/controller system but it does not provide information on the conditions. in other areas of the conditioned space.
  • Remote Control - Insight Into Remote Conditioning
    as a dual-purpose test chamber - it can be used as a remote conditioner or stand alone temperature/humidity chamber.
  • Vacuum Motors
    or position samples, products, mirrors and sensors in a vacuum area (some of the most common requirements) has been accomplished with drive mechanisms and motors located outside the vacuum chamber. In this type of control solution, the drive mechanism transmits its motion through the vacuum chamber
  • Indirect Heating of Dryers/How It Works
    A dryer is used for the evaporation of liquids from solids. Most types of dryers are indirectly heated with either an internal exchanger coil or an external heat transfer jacket. This allows the use of remote heating and cooling utilities such as water or oil to precisely control temperatures
  • Indirect Heating Of Tanks & Vessels/How It Works
    design of a thermal fluid or HEAT system will allow very precise temperature control of the process. Single wall TANKS are used throughout industry for processing and storage of many types of materials. By installing heat transfer coils inside a tank, materials can be heated, maintained at a specific
  • Selection Factors for Seals
    can help control thermal problems. In this method, an integral pumping ring on the rotating seal element circulates coolant through an inner chamber in the stuffing box. depends largely on temperature and chemical factors, and on abrasives. To minimize wear, the sealed fluid should be a good
  • Medical Device Link .
    A package-integrity test system provides objective, nondestructive quality control for the sterile integrity of porous medical device packages. Suitable for use in package development, validation, and routine quality inspection on the production floor, the Sealcheck 210 system detects and reports
  • Clever combustor yields super-low emissions
    emissions low, the injection path and chamber geometry are complex. The combustor burns fuel in low-temperature reactions throughout the combustor. This avoids acoustic instabilities of current low-emissions combustors. It does this by eliminating all high-temperature pockets of combustion through better
  • MICRO: Product Technology News (May '2000)
    by applying airflow and temperature control within the machine chamber and through the use of a hybrid active damper. The tool's improved vibration isolation structure allows synchronization control at a high scanning speed. A series of in-process monitors detects and measures ESD events accurately

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