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  • Torque-Converter Hub
    This case study illustrates how design guidelines have been interpreted in real-world applications, and the contribution of the PM fabricator.
  • Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Uses MTI's Laser System to Improve Torque Converter Design
    system was needed to measure the impeller hub displacement and thus the torque converter axial displacement.
  • Sorting out shaft connections
    Motors and gearboxes that generate high torque and acceleration may make shaft keys obsolete. Designers should analyze stresses and backlash when weighing keyed versus keyless shafts. Stresses in the keyway are critical in evaluating the shaft's torque capacity. Opposing forces exerted by the shaft
  • What to look for in a servocoupling
    . Oldham couplings consist of two hubs and a plastic or metal center insert. Drive tenons on the hubs transmit torque to mating slots in the insert located 90 apart on opposite sides. The three parts join with a slight press fit
  • The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    Friction and Magnetism: The Basics of EM Clutches and Brakes Electromagnetic clutches and brakes seem simple, but complex variations fit them to multiple applications. * Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are electrically activated but transmit torque mechanically. * Engagement time depends
  • Getting up to speed with wrap-spring clutch/brakes
    to 1,800 rpm and torque to 5,000 lb-in. A stopping accuracy of +-0.5 is not cumulative cycle to cycle. Single-revolution clutches use a two-tang spring to provide limited braking capacity. The control tang attaches to the surrounding stop collar (not shown), while the output-hub tang affixes
  • Theater Winch, The royal opera
    type SKP 95-27 spring applied hydraulically released disc brakes installed. On the 4 ton (8,820 lb) winch two brakes operate on a 610 mm (24 in) diameter brake disc and on the 5 ton (11,025 lb) winch three brakes operate on a 680 mm (26.8 in) diameter brake disc. Brake torque is respectively 16 and 28
  • Proper Shaft Fits for Precision Coupling Devices
    manufacturers of these types of low cost drive components are simply relying on a shaft key and set screw to transmit torque and retain the hub on the shaft, and other types of misalignment absorbing elements help to take up any eccentricity resulting from a relatively large clearance between the shaft

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