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  • Loosening Torque Test Method
    Every time a fastener is used to form a joint between two parts, torque control is a key element of that formula. Ensuring a well-tightened fastener is installed properly to the pre-defined torque specification will determine the success or failure of a product. Torque testing is key to identifying
  • Performing the Marking Torque Test Method
    Controlling torque is a critical element for tightening threaded fasteners. Validating that a screw or bolt is properly installed ensures quality performance and reduces failures. The process to measure torque is relatively easy. It can be conducted either dynamically during the fastening process
  • How to Test Torque Devices With Ease and Precision
    Lindstrom now offers a torque tester that is affordable, accurate and easy to use over a wide range of torque devices and torque settings.
  • Torque measuring in calibration lab on the test bench
    . According to the report, 60 percent of the recalls were the result of mechanical defects. At 17.3 percent, vehicle brake systems are frequently affected. An example from April 2009: an incorrect torque was the probable cause of a recall, in which 10,000 owners were obliged to return their compact cars
  • The Checking and Calibration of Torque Wrenches (.pdf)
    In this article we will look in more detail at the ways of testing the performance of hand held torque wrenches. Starting with a reminder about the different types of torque wrench, the article will explain the difference between checking and calibration and the stages of calibration including
  • Tightening Bolted Joints with Torque Tools
    and the bolts preload. A calibrated torque tool should therefore be used for the final tightening operation or inspection. Specify the correct tightening torque: Whenever feasible, specify the tightening torque based upon actual test results rather than a theoretically calculated value. Experimental
  • Torque Limiter Finds Drive Problem During Machine Test
    Installing some type of torque limiting device in your machine system is very often a wise idea. This is especially true where there is human interaction, but it's also smart to include them in other types of processing equipment.
  • Pro-Log and Rotary Transducer Used to Test Dynamic Rotational Torque on Pinion Shafts (.pdf)
    A portable testing device has been manufactured using our Pro-Log and Rotary Transducer, to measure the dynamic rotational torque on pinion shafts when manufacturing differentials. This enables them to ensure that the pre-load on the bearing does not create a rotational torque outside the specified
  • Force/torque sensors help industrial robots make the right moves
    Knowing what load levels robots exert is key to more repeatable, safer operation. Feedback from force/torque sensors (black cylinder mounted on arm end) gives robots the delicate touch needed for operations such as this camera function test. An industrial PC controls the robot and documents test
  • Automotive Engine Hot Test (.pdf)
    A Chinese car manufacturer required a fully automatic engine hot test system for 100% production test. Hot Testing was desired to provide customer engine max power, torque, and to see if the thermo-start open or not. Multiple models needed to be supported, including 2 different intake manifold, 2
  • How to Test an RF Coaxial Cable using a VNA
    RF coaxial cables are high precision test assemblies, which along with a calibration kit, adapters and a torque wrench ensure the integrity of the measurements taken by test equipment such as a Vector Network Analyzer. An ideal cable transfers maximum RF energy while incurring as little loss
  • Load Cell Application - Car Door Test
    In this particular application, a car door is being tested. This test can be used to determine whether or not the door could function for a certain time period, or how long it will last before it fails. It works by using the hydraulic / pneumatic actuator to open and close the door within a given
  • Production Test Application: Monitoring Metal Stamping Press
    Metal stamping is widely used to shape metal parts in the automotive industry. During the manufacture of torque converters, stamping is used to create a series of indentations that hold metal vanes that are used to transmit the power from the engine to the transmission though a fluid. Hydraulic

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