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  • Chapter 4 Mechatronics and Applications Section 4.3 Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics
    The tractor control CPU is tightly coupled to a number of closed-loop feedback systems such as steering , tractor speed, gearbox control, engine speed, linkage control, etc.
  • Oil hydraulic system
    Supplies VonderZentralhydraulik,meistalsEinpumpen-LS-Systemausgelegt,werdenver- schiedene consumers on the tractor through an adjusting pump on a common oil budget for working hydraulic system, steering and gear .
  • Gear train
    ...134 retarders 20 collecting gears 22, 79 switching axis 368,386,387,388 switching elements 153,242,449 gearboxes 22 switching aid 259 -261 switching program automaton gear 206, 216, 221,280... ...242, 244, 245,450 tractor guiding axis 387, 396 tractor...
  • Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering
    Gearings are applied in a wide range of fields and working conditions, for example, in watches and mea- suring instruments, transmissions of cars, tractors , other vehicles, and road-building machines, lifting and steer- ing crane devices, machine gearboxes , drives of rolling mills...
  • Satellite navigation
    For mechanical prerequisites of such an intention, belongs that come for the automatic course attitude connected to speed-/ Traktion control only tractors and itself moving working devices infrage steering of which is supported electrically or... ...and that show an automatic gear .
  • Tribological characteristic values for rubbing materials
    The fields of nasslaufenden paper rubbing materials are the automatic transmissions in PKW, bearing manual transmission of buses, axial brakes of construction machines, fork lift trucks and tractors , holding brakes, main clutches, steering clutches of construction machines and world wheel connections [8].
  • Fluid technique in motor vehicles
    Must become on mechanically-hydrostatic path set the main augenmerk on it here - a steering support with aid of superposition gears is undertaken e.g. by tracked tractors .
  • Sizing a Power-Limited Steering System usually appropriate for the 12,000 lb front axle typical of a line-haul semi- tractor . Such a gear has a maximum pressure rating of 2175 psi (150 bar).i Conventional hydraulic steering gearboxes include an open center valve.
  • Agricultural Robotics Using a Zero Turning Radius Platform wheel over it's full speed range, without the challenges of electronically controlling a gearbox and clutch. Zero Turning Radius vehicles are also much more maneuverable than conventional tractor designs, and at least as maneuverable as the four-wheel steer design with less complexity.
  • Innovation in European Freight Transportation
    The starting point is the production of long-distance trucks fitted with the following electronic infrastructure: − ABS (anti-lock braking system), − Electronic Stability Program for tractors and trailers, − power-train control... ...and − automated power train (automatic gearbox ). Furthermore, an actuator is to be provided for the electric power steering in the vehicles, which are...

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