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  • Using the Accumeasure 9000 Capacitance Transducer Amplifier to Measure Position and Vibration Displacement of Very Small Targets
    Advances in nearly all fields of science, technology, and manufacturing has brought with it the need to measure the position and/or vibration displacement of very small mechanical parts and assemblies. Since these devices often operate at high speed and with relatively small movements, it usually
  • Bridge Balance and Zero Controls in Amplifiers
    A bridge-balance circuit may be used in a transducer-amplifier system to enable precise adjustment of bridge balance. An amplifier's offsets at input and output are important parameters that may be referred to input or to output.
  • Investigation of the Influence of Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) on Calibration Results
    The international standard IEEE 1451.4 [1] is the basis for transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS), where information related to the transducer like serial number or nominal sensitivity is stored into a chip inside the transducer. For bridge type sensors, with a novel circuit (patent pending [2
  • Using the Accumeasure 9000 Capacitance Amplifier to Measure Position and Vibration of Very Small Targets
    technology, the customer turned to MTI Instruments for a solution to the problem. Fortunately, MTI Instruments had recently completed the development and market introduction of the AccumeasureT 9000 Capacitance Transducer Amplifier, which can operate with up to 100X smaller capacitance sensing area than
  • Guidelines for Specifying Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers
    and the receivers (preamplifiers) as projectors or hydrophones respectively. Expectations from a transducer involve a mixture of acoustical, electrical and mechanical considerations, such as beam pattern, impedance, corrosion resistance and weight. This unusual combination of disciplines with the added concern
  • Medical Device Link .
    transducer in these applications would allow designers to reduce equipment size and add more functions. of programmable mixed-signal controllers has led to the emergence of new designs in pressure sensor calibration and compensation. In the past, operational and instrumentation amplifiers exclusively
  • Measuring Thickness of Dielectric Materials using MTI Accumeasure TM Capacitance Instrumentation
    or can be independently measured, the Accumeasure System can also be used to measure the dielectric constant of insulating materials. The Accumeasure System uses a constant current signal source at either 16kHz (Accumeasure 500 & 1500) or 100kHz (Accumeasure 5000) carrier frequency. The transducer
  • CANpressure
    Sensor Technik Sirnach AG, a specialist in high performance pressure transducers, to develop the "CANpressure." Long sought after, now a reality, a truly intelligent pressure transducer. The CANpressure integrates the five components of any digital system: the sensor, the amplifier, signal processing

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