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  • Buck Transformers and Boost Transformers

    Buck transformers and boost transformers are used in series with line or power supply voltages to buck (reduce) or boost (increase) voltages. They are typically versatile and can be used to correct for voltage line drops, or to adapt to international voltage variations. While buck transformers

  • Control Transformers

    Industrial control transformers are designed to supply the required power (voltage and current) needed to operate industrial control units such as relays, solenoids, PLCs, and other control components. Control transformers (also known as machine tool transformers) provide isolation to control

  • Donut Transformers

    Donut transformers, also called toroidal transformers, have no internal primary winding as such. The primary is the conductor in which the current is to be monitored, and is not an integral part of the transformer. The primary conductor is simply placed through the window of the current transformer

  • Wideband Transformers

    Wideband transformers couple signals magnetically from input to output terminals with optimum transmission fidelity over broad frequency ranges. Major objectives in their use are: 1. Impedance matching for maximum power transfer. 2. Coupling between unbalanced and balanced circuits. 3. DC isolation

  • Bar Transformers

    Bar transformers (bar current transformers) are toroidal transformers with a bus bar permanently inserted through the window of the toroid. The bus bar serves as the primary conductor. Bar transformers are inserted directly into the circuit which they will be used to monitor. It is a common error

  • Ferroresonant Transformers

    Ferroesonant transformers are special transformers that accept variable input voltage and puts out regulated AC voltage. Ferroresonant transformers are used independently to prevent fluctuations or may be built into more functional devices such as uninterruptible power supplies. Limitations

Discussions about Transformer Diagram
  • Re: star delta single line diagram

    OK, I drew one, it's here on a notepad next to my PC. You didn't specify if it was a starter diagram or a transformer diagram, could be either. If it is a starter diagram, here in the US we just show a standard motor starter one-line diagram symbol and put a "Y-D" next to it. But I haven't...

  • Re: Three-Phase to Single-Phase Transformer

    Well its seems good for 1 phase supply only. I have three phase primary input .So provide me 3 to 1phase convesion transformer diagram.

  • Re: power transformer terminals connection

    Hello "Guest" Please advise the following: 1. Phase angle of the transformer 2. Diagram of transformer, primary and secondary, schematic with terminal letters/numbers marked 3. Is there a rotational problem with equipment on the secondary? 4. Is the transformer secondary to be parallele...

  • Re: Transformer Ampere Turn-Diagram

    You are getting into really deep stuff. Check out this book... http://books.google.com/books?id=paPKsOXn5FMC&pg=PA243&lpg=PA243&dq=ampere+turn+diagram&source=bl&ots=LmBlWrsO7j&sig=lhjZT0WY1DYorlbd7bA_CIreQpo&hl=en&ei=7R3ITfXhGqn50gGCsJyHCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&

  • Re: Restricted Earth Fault Relay CT

    HS, For the benefit of all CR4 users, it would be a good idea to show in a 3 line diagram (transformer, LV bus duct and LV swithcgear breaker) the location of the 3 phase CTs and the neutral CT. Thanks and regards, rudy_fernando5r...

  • Re: Cable Size Calculation Problem


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3 Phase Power Transformers By Signal Transformer

Custom  Three Phase  Transformers By Signal. *From 100 VA Up to 75 KVA. * Agency Approvals: Signal can guide your design team through UL/CSA for expeditious approval of complex certification issues. Call us now. * Configurations: Custom three phase Transformers can be supplied pre-wired in either Delta or Wye configurations depending on your specific requirements. Multi taps, fuses, thermal cut-off, multiple hardware and termination schemes are available. Your custom requirements...

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