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  • Wideband Transformers
    Wideband transformers couple signals magnetically from input to output terminals with optimum transmission fidelity over broad frequency ranges. Major objectives in their use are: 1. Impedance matching for maximum power transfer. 2. Coupling between unbalanced and balanced circuits. 3. DC isolation
  • Current Transformers
    Current transformers (CT's) provide a simple, inexpensive and yet accurate means of sensing current flow in power conductors. They are available in 3 basic configurations: Split Core CT's are available for measuring currents from 100 to 5000 amps, with windows in varying sizes from 1" by 2" to 13
  • Transformer Theory
    A transformer is an energy transfer device. It has an input side (primary) and an output side (secondary). Electrical energy applied to the primary is converted to a magnetic field which in turn, induces a current in the secondary which carries energy to the load connected to the secondary
  • Current Transformer Overview
    A current transformers (CT) is a device that can detect a current through a wire passing through its center. This wire constitutes a one-turn primary for the transformer, and the winding on the CT constitutes the secondary of the transformer.
  • The Importance of Effective Transformer and Control Transformer Protection (.pdf)
    The importance of effective transformer and control transformer protection cannot be over emphasized. After motors, transformers are typically the second most common application where proper overcurrent protection is required and utilized to provide the necessary protection to facilities
  • The case for custom transformers
    Custom-designed transformers can help hit space, weight, and cooling budgets. The customdesigned watercooled transformer on the pallet replaced the 100-kVA transformer in the base of the enclosure frame. The smaller transformer frame weighs 230 lb less. Mass-produced transformers generally put out
  • Transmission Line Transformers, Fourth Edition
    Transmission Line Transformers, Fourth Edition. Written for both amateurs and professionals, this definitive text provides detailed coverage of transmission line transformer efficiency, power combiners and mixer transformers, equal-delay transformers.
  • M565: RF Balun Transformers
    This application note is designed to help the reader understand how balun transformers can be used in today's RF/Microwave communication applications. There is an increasing demand for balun transformers in today's telecommunication market and M/A-COM is leading the field with this device. As many

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