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calculations up to this point assumed that there were no. losses in the switching transistor, diode, and transformer (winding or core). The losses listed. will occur (first order) plus losses in the winding capacitance and leakage inductance (second. order). Figure 3 provides an estimation...

...doubles when the winding is rolled and flattened for. packaging. In this view one can see how construction contributes to. inductance. Short circuiting the terminals produces a loop. Figure 3. Test setup for AC measurments. including the tabs which define a flux volume. corresponding to inductance... the perimeter (circumference) of the loop in. meters, and w is the width of the copper trace in meters. The magnetic coupling between the large loop and. CALCULATION OF LOOP. small loop results in transformer action. The large loop,. PARAMETERS. or loop antenna, makes up the secondary winding of. our...

...divider. The differential input is limited to. 56Ω, ½W. 150mVRMS. In this application, line voltage is detected. from the secondary winding of the power supply trans-. 3A. former, T2 (see Figure 3B and Figure 5). When oper-. ating from 120V, there is about an 8V peak at VIN+ or. V. V. IN-. When... 40 years of operation. Key. service life of DC capacitors ranges from. factors here are the insulation used in the. 8 years to 30 years, depending on system. winding process and the temperature rise. bus voltage and UPS ambient temperature. while in service. Our magnetics use Class. H insulation...

...note describes also the GAÏA. the module under test. converter basic terminology to address DC/DC. DC/DC converters are complex electronic. converter parameters. 2- Block diagram of Gaïa Converter DC/DC modules. The Gaïa Converter modules are feedback. transformer winding close to the secondary...

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