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  • Ion Selective Sensors and Electrodes Technologies for Industrially, Environmentally and Biologically Significant Ion Measurements - Complete Technical Paper
    field effect transistor technologies, due primarily to their very poor commercial acceptance and extensive technological difficulties of their fabrication for the relatively low volume demand in the ion selective measurement industry (including all of the demand for pH sensors) [1, 2]. Most
  • Displacement Sensing the Baumer Electric Way
    In the beginning, non-contact sensors were largely an on-off affair. They, like their switch predecessors either "saw" something or didn't. They passed this information on to a transistor or relay output, that is, an on or off signal. That worked pretty well. And, in most cases, it still works
  • Computer Power User Article - Under Development
    problems. Using a net-shaped pressure-sensor array built on a plastic film with organic transistor circuits, the improved sensor matrix is bendable down to a 2mm radius and flexible to a 25% extension. This is sufficient for wrapping around human-sized fingers. The researchers also built a second
  • Conductivity Level Switches
    the circuit which, in turn, changes the condition of the transistor output. Output options can be used to actuate relays, indicator lights, or interface with controllers. Conductivity sensors can work in either single-point or differential mode. In single-point mode, sensor current (usually about 1.5 mA at 12
  • Applying Photo Microsensors
    automatic assembly equipment and other places with low dust, low humidity and low light interference. All have built-in amplifiers with transistor outputs that operate on DC supply voltage like larger sensors.
  • Fiber Optics: Multimode Transmissions
    . philosophical. An analogy would be to require electronic. engineers to design circuits using transistor data only. specified in terms of mobility, volume and. recombination parameters.
  • Wired 8.01: As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day
    , and coffeemaker - even in our own bodies. As these sensors and actuators - devices that react to their environment - permeate the world, the fabric of daily existence will come alive. Like the transistor and
  • Medical Device Link .
    array might be transported mechanically across the patient. Figure 1. Cutaway view of the DirectRay detector array packed into a flat box. An amorphous selenium coating is placed over the thin-film-transistor matrix and the associated readout electronics (Sterling Diagnostic Imaging; Greenville, SC

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