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The low on-resistance and high current carrying capability of power MOSFETs make them preferred switching devices in SMPS power supply design. However, designing with these devices is not as straightforward as with their bipolar counterparts. Unlike bipolar transistors, power MOSFETs have...

...of a PNPN device can best be visualized as. Reverse Biased. (+). Gate Junction. a specially coupled pair of transistors as shown in Figure. P. N. AN1001.2. N. P. Reverse Biased. Anode. Load. Anode. (-). Junction. (-). P. Anode. Anode. P. Reverse Bias. Equivalent Diode. N. J1. Relationship. N. N. J2. J2...

As modern MOSFET transistors are developed with lower ON resistance and smaller packages, Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) follow. By using a microcontroller and a few small MOSFETs, high performance speed controls can be built with advanced features in small packages. This application note...

Developing rugged transistors requires careful. consideration of the HBT's collector design. In this work. we present a test methodology for high-volume, in-line. measurement of device ruggedness. This method is useful. not only when developing new epitaxial structures for. HBT devices, but also...

In part 1 we discussed an. overview of RF/microwave. switch topologies, PIN. diode theory of operation, and. some simple PIN diode switch. implementations. In part 2 we. will discuss more complex PIN. diode switches, the theory of. operation of RF/microwave field. effect transistors (FETs... the CDS combined with the charge-transfer amplifier. The total number of devices in the pixel is 11 transistors and 2 MOS capacitors. Test circuits were fabricated using a 0.25µm CMOS process. The sensitivity of the 20 x 20µm2 pixel using the floating diffusion capacitor of 6.2fF...

Though not as well known as the bipolar transistor or op amp, this long-established. transistor still excels in where you need to optimize circuit behavior, such as for lowest. noise. Many engineers are somewhat familiar with discrete bipolar transistors, such as the. venerable 2N2222... minimize the volume of converters to a point where feature converters could be a single silicon die with all control and power components. The generated heat is removed from power-dissipating components, such as power transistors, rectifiers and magnetics, by different heat conduction techniques...

Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, Aug. 13-17 Siliconix says new MOSFETs offer half the on-resistance of other devices SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Siliconix Inc. today announced it has set a new record for low on-resistance in 16- and 20-volt field-effect transistors (FETs). Siliconix said its...

30% compared to those fabricated from aluminum. This is particularly important in chips with feature dimensions smaller than 0.18 microns. At this scale, interconnects have a bigger impact on signal delay time than does the feature size of transistors. Specifically, signal delays caused...

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Assorted discrete transistors. Packages in order from top to bottom: TO-3, TO-126, TO-92, SOT-23

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terminal, making it a three-terminal device like other field-effect transistors.

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Prevent 1.4 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, equivalent to emissions from 125,000 cars
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transistors equivalent 9012 datasheets and application notes,...
,E. 9 .. Tags: transistors equivalent 9012 transistors 9012 transistor c 9012 Transistor 9012 G transistor 9012 data sheet transistor 9012 9012

ss8050 equivalent datasheets and application notes, data...

Equivalent transistors required....
Topic: Equivalent transistors required.... Author Topic: Equivalent transistors required.... (Read 1329 times)

AN 355: Stratix II Device System Power Considerations
Altera devices use equivalent capacitance values for the devices to calculate power.
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Generating Functionally Equivalent FPGAs and ASICs With a...
White Paper Generating Functionally Equivalent FPGAs and ASICs With a Single Set of RTL and Synthesis/Timing Constraints Electronic systems designers
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