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U2100B-MFPG3Y Digi-Key Atmel Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC TIMER CTRL TRIAC/RELAY 8SOIC
U2100B-MY Digi-Key Atmel Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC TIMER CTRL TRIAC/RELAY 8DIP
U2100B-MFPG3 Digi-Key Atmel Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC TIMER CTRLR TRIAC/RELAY 8SOIC
LM3445MM ASAP Semiconductor NSC Not Provided LED DRIVER, TRIAC DIMMABLE, 10MSOP; LED Driver Application:Comme

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  • Low-Cost Electric Range Control Using a Triac
    eliminates these drawbacks. The PIC10F204, Microchip's 6-pin PICmicro (R) microcontroller (SOT-23 package), is used to implement this solution. The PICmicro gathers user inputs from a potentiometer and controls current to the heating element via a triac. This application note will discuss triac theory, so
  • Application Circuits of the TC620/TC621Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    the TC620 and the. changes. TC4469 are CMOS devices, their current requirements. The application in Figure 2 uses a TC4469 Quad. are extremely low. Using triac switches to energize the. CMOS Driver. This device has four independent driv-. relays keeps the component costs to a minimum, while. ers, each
  • Applications of the TC62X Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    . TC621. FIGURE 4: Direct Interface to a. Microcontroller. DS00762B-page 2.  2003 Microchip Technology Inc. AN762. +12V. 6. MOC3033. AC. 1. Zero Voltage. 4. Power. TC621. Crossing Optoisolator. Triac Driver. (Fairchild Semiconductor®). 2. Load. FIGURE 5C: Boosting Output Drive Current. (Figure 7
  • Resource: Diac Tutorial
    are still stuck, give us a call at (973) 377-9566 and we'll be happy to recommend a device for your application. << Bipolar Tr... | Diac | Diode >>. view all topics. Diac Tutorial. The diac is a bidirectional trigger diode which is designed specifically to trigger a triac or SCR. Basically the diac
  • Gating, Latching, and Holding of SCRs and Triacs (.pdf)
    Gating, latching, and holding currents of thyristors are some of the most important parameters. These parameters and their interrelationship determine whether the SCRs and triacs will function properly in various circuit applications. This application note describes how the SCR and triac parameters
  • Phase Control Using Thyristors (.pdf)
    Due to high-volume production techniques, thyristors are now priced so that almost any electrical product can benefit from electronic control. A look at the fundamentals of SCR and triac phase controls shows how this is possible. Phase control is the most common form of thyristor power control
  • Teccor Thyristors used as AC Static Switches and Relays (.pdf)
    Since the SCR and the triac are bistable devices, one of their broad areas of application is in the realm of signal and power switching. This application note describes circuits in which these thyristors are used to perform simple switching functions of a general type that might also be performed
  • Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors (.pdf)
    , and reliability specifications which their electro-mechanical counterparts cannot fulfill. This application note presents the basic fundamentals of SCR, triac, sidac, and diac thyristors so the user understands how they differ in characteristics and parameters from their electromechanical counterparts

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