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Meat color and color change have been researched widely using tristimulus colorimeters. However, a lot of information is required to clarify the cause of color change. It is generally accepted that the major factors in the color change of meat is the content of heme protein and the proportion...

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[edit Tristimulus colorimeter Main article: Tristimulus colorimeter A tristimulus colorimeter measures the tristimulus values of a color.[3

ASTM E1347 - 06(2011) Standard Test Method for Color and Color...
and color difference values by using a tristimulus colorimeter, also known as a tristimulus filter colorimeter or a color-difference meter.
See ASTM International Information

ASTM E2366 - 05 Standard Test Method for Measurement of...
ASTM E2366 - 05 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Daytime Chromaticity of Pavement Marking Materials Using a Portable Reflection Colorimeter
See ASTM International Information

Tristimulus Colorimeter Chromaticity and Luminance | Gamma...
Improved Chromaticity And Luminance Measurements Using A Tristimulus Colorimeter
See Gamma Scientific, Inc. Information

Photovolt - 577-A - Reflectance Colorimeter - Reflectance...
Photovolt - 577-A - Reflectance Colorimeter Photovolt - 577-A - Reflectance Colorimeter
See Environmental Expert S.L. Information

Cannon Instrument Company -ACL-2 Colorimeter For Petroleum...
The ACL Colorimeter was designed for automatic Saybolt/ASTM Color measurement of petroleum products utilizing the Tri-Stimulus method.
See CANNON Instrument Company Information

D25LT | HunterLab
ColorFlex ColorQuest 45/0 D25 / DP9000 Tristimulus Colorimeters D25LT Colorimeter LabScan LabScan XE MiniScan EZ MiniScan XE Plus
See Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc. Information

Use of self-calibration of photodiodes in colorimetric...
first stage of development of a new kind of objective three-channel colorimeter is shown, namely the development of the principle of its working,

Sencore OTC1000 ColorPro Optical Tri-stimulus...
Sencore OTC1000 ColorPro Optical Tri-stimulus Colorimeter

PREMOSYS PR0075-A2 Colorimeter
PR0075-A2 Colorimeter High Speed Farbsensoren

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