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  • Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers FAQ
    1. What Smart Tweezers is mostly used for?. Smart Tweezers is an unrivalled tool for identification of electronic components; Smart Tweezers does this job in one touch speeding the identification hundreds of times. Besides, it is fully automatic. 2. How accurate is Smart Tweezers?. Typical accuracy
  • Ice Point Calibration
    Measurements shall be made on an apparatus suitable for the characteristic of the component to be measured as follows;. Ice point temperature resistance measurements may be taken using a digital multimeter with an accuracy of +/- .01%. Ice Point Calibration. ICE POINT CALIBRATION. APPARATUS
  • Backtalk - 06/05/08
    Through the Fluke Education Grant Program, 20 U.S. schools will receive Fluke 289 and Fluke 287 Logging Digital Multimeters -- the company's newest electrical and electronic test instruments. Lucky schools get free multimeters Announced in October 2007, the grant is targeted at community colleges
  • ISO 17025
    for total company quality system. The 17025 standard requires that all functions within the scope of a given instrument must be tested and calibrated. Example: A Digital Multimeter would require a lab to have a scope that contained ALL of the functions that the meter can measure (AC volts, DC volts, Freq
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    NIWeek gathering here this week, unveiled its latest digital multimeter and RF
  • Measurements on a budget
    Software techniques now let ordinary digital multimeters gauge capacitance and inductance with a precision once reserved for expensive test instruments. 1-MHz constant current source and dc bias A simplified block diagram of the FlexDMM shows how software is used to measure the L and C of a DUT
  • Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testing. Step-by-Step Usage
    Loggers Digital Multimeters Electrical Test Tools Environmental Testers Ground Testers Hipot Testers Leakage Current Meters and Probes Megohmmeters Micro-Ohmmeters Motor Testers Power Supplies Power Quality Meters Accessories. Technical Documentation - Ground Testers. COPYRIGHT RELEASE: Our online
  • Maximizing DMM Productivity in Wireless Device Quality Testing
    �� Maximizing DMM Productivity in Wireless Device Quality Testing. By Dale Cigoy. Keithley Instruments, Inc. Figure 1. Keithley Model 2015 Deck. Digital multimeters seem common, but specialized versions perform tests you might not imagine, thereby. improving productivity and lowering costs