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  • T.V.S. Diode/S.A.D. (Silicon Avalanche Diode) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Transient Voltage Suppressor diode (T.V.S.) is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits against transients and over voltages. It is a silicon avalanche device available in both uni-directional or bi-directional configurations. With a uni-directional, the specified clamping
  • About Diode Junctions Guides
    High-voltage rectification presents unique challenges to the designer. Careful. examination of the application requirements is essential when selecting the best. solution for size, cost and reliability. Diode parameters are interdependent and. the decision of whether to employ high or low voltage
  • Comparison of diode-side-pumped
    Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP slab crystal in the form of triangle with the Brewster-angle-cut polished input faces was. used as an active medium for diode-side-pumped laser. A horizontal projection of the active medium form is a. triangle with 19.22mm long base, 5mm height, and thickness of 4 mm. This active
  • ELDS - Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy
    in a variety of applications. However, due to a number of significant shortcomings, LDS has not seen widespread application in the detection of hazardous gases for safety related applications. Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of previous LDS
  • iC-WK/WKL Laser Diode Driver Application Notes
    iC-WK/L - CW operation up to 90 mA from 2.4 to 6 V supply voltage - Fits all types of laser diode pin configurations - Simple power adjustment via the external resistor - Quick soft start typically within 70 µs - APC accuracy better than 1%
  • Application of the Integrating Sphere Optical Power Measurement System in Laser Diode Characterization
    Integrating spheres are useful for measurement of divergent light emitted from laser diodes. Typically the laser diode is positioned very close to the internal port of the sphere (Figure 1) and light emitted from the front facet of the device is collected by the internal cavity of the integrating
  • Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method
    This application note describes the result of an experiment performed on near field imaging of a laser diode emission pattern at the output facet. The purpose of the experiment was to provide a proof-of-concept system for the near field measurement of a high-power laser diode bar. The target
  • iC-WJ/WJZ Application Notes
    iC-WJ/Z - Simple APC adjustment via an external resistor - Continuous (CW) or pulsed operation of up to 300 kHz - Laser diode current of up to 250 mA

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