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  • Case Study: Float Switch Technology Replacement with Electronic Sensor for Cost Reduction
    Our customer was using a stainless steel electro mechanical float switch to measure high levels of oil in a tank. The float switch had an M18 stainless steel thread and was electrically specified at 240v AC or 24v DC (The customer was using the 24v DC option) and the customer stipulated that the M18
  • Creating Optimized Sensor Housings with Integrated Molding and Wire Bondable Plated Stampings
    This Tech Bulletin describes the benefits of streamlining the process for creating electronic sensor housings and supporting internal/external interconnect requirements through the use of wire bondable plated stampings that can be directly integrated as a cohesive part of the module housings.
  • Sensitivity of Contact Electronic Throttle Control Sensor to Control System Variation (.pdf)
    The purpose of this paper is to improve the understanding of the advantages of a non-contact electronic throttle control (ETC) air control valve position sensor over the potentiometer technology of contacting position sensors. The non-contact position sensing offers the industry an opportunity
  • Electronic Dimensional Gauging in Hostile Environments
    The use of electronic gauging probes for dimensional gauging of manufactured parts is a well-established quality assurance technique. Typical gauging probes are cylinders with diameters of 8 mm or 9.5 mm (5/16 in. or 3/8 in.) and lengths ranging from ~. 65 mm to 100 mm (2.5 in.-4
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    to science-fair projects. In contrast, this book will help. you discover the challenge and secrets of building practical electronic medical devices,. giving you basic, tested blocks for the design and development of new instrumentation. The projects range from simple biopotential amplifiers all the way
  • Torque Sensor Application - Prosthetic Limbs
    Sensors and transducers have been very instrumental in the development of prosthetic devices. They allow prosthetic devices to closely mimic human limbs. In the example below, a smart/digital torque transducer in line with a stepper motor is providing torque & position feedback to an electronic
  • Image Sensor Architectures for Digital Cinematography
    Regardless of the technology of image acquisition (CCD or CMOS), electronic image sensors must capture incoming light, convert it to electric signal, measure that signal, and output it to supporting electronics. Similarly, regardless of the technology of image acquisition, cinematographers can
  • Sensor Sense: Charge-coupled devices
    In simplest terms, the image sensor or imager in vision systems is an XY grid of photosites that convert light into electricity. Most often the imager is a charge-coupled device or CCD, though CMOS imagers are rapidly gaining ground. Charge-coupled devices gained fame as the primary imager

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