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  • White Paper: High-Availability Power Systems, Part I - UPS Internal Topology
    the. internal bypass static switch plus either switches, contactors or circuit breakers. These. switching devices must work in concert to reliably transfer the load between the bypass line and. the UPS inverter output, and back again when required. In addition, high-availability systems. should have
  • The Power of Green: Mitsubishi 9900A Series High Efficiency True On-Line Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (.pdf)
    a trade off in that overall system efficiency was lower compared to that of off-line or stand-by type UPS systems. This was due to increased switching loss of the semiconductor power devices in the conventional on-line double conversion circuit. �� The Power of Green: Mitsubishi 9900A Series
  • BBG Tech Tip #12: Stack-Ups & the Basics of Multi-Layer Circuit Board Construction
    The Stack-Up is the specific call out of material thickness and copper weights required to produce a particular multilayered. printed circuit board. The description of the stack-up can be found on the PCB fabrication drawing-a drawn. cross-section depicting the material and copper thickness of each
  • MICRO: Round the ol' Circuit
    Cypress Semiconductor's Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC) provides the company's 65-nm R &D services to start-ups and established chip firms seeking to develop novel silicon applications. The San Jose -based chipmaker says that partners can use its established fab infrastructure and state
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Reference Design
    , so the bat-. tery is not charging itself). FIGURE 1: PICREF-1 UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (UPS) BLOCK DIAGRAM. Power Flow. Current Sense. Charge Control. A/D. Voltage Sense. BBC. Sync. Battery &. Battery. Battery. Boost. Enable. Charger. Circuit. PWM. PIC17C43. Hardware. Pos_Neg. Protection
  • White Paper: Power and Cooling Design Guidelines for Network Access Rooms
    leverage. such as “dual bus” may require more than one economies of scale to drive down the cost. circuit for UPS systems. If additional circuits. per kW. must be added, it is wise to provide some. room for future growth as new PoE. Others may adopt a decentralized strategy. standards wil al ow
  • White Paper: Longevity of Key Components in Uninterruptible Power Systems
    based on service life. is general y not part of most maintenance. Limited Life Components. contracts, but can be included. As mentioned previously, every UPS. Circuit Boards. is designed with components that have. a limited design life. A UPS’s functional life. There is no rated service life
  • White Paper: High-Availability Power Systems, Part III - AC Distribution Options
    system. 2. Power flow can be simple and direct, from the UPS through the PDU to the load equipment. For. densely populated server farms, it is helpful to use Remote Distribution Cabinets between the PDUs. and servers, to simplify the task of branch circuit wiring. No transfer switches are required

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