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  • AC vs DC Power in Data Centers and Wiring Closets

    . Increased efficiency results in less power consumption and less heat output, meaning less cooling is required. DC power also can be set up for centralized fault tolerance, using large banks of DC batteries to store electricity. This eliminates the need for UPS Systems in data wiring closets and some data

  • The Ups and Downs of Taking the Bus: Part Two

    acceptance testing that took place from September through December of 2003. During this period, there was limited coordination between the fermentation equipment manufacturer and the automation supplier, and some issues with configuration and wiring were identified. Resolution of these issues

  • White Paper: High-Availability Power Systems, Part III - AC Distribution Options

    voltage,. 1. reduces neutral current, reduces wiring costs (by enabling 3-wire instead of 4-wire connections. between UPS and PDU) and allows for local voltage adjustment by the voltage-compensation taps. In Europe, the PDU transformer isn’t required for voltage stepdown, but it does have all the other

  • A Quantitative TCO Comparison of 400V AC and 600V AC Power Systems (.pdf)

    an impractical solution for most U.S. data centers. The 600V AC system offers a small equipment cost savings over the 480V AC and 400V AC systems,. requiring less copper wiring feeding into the UPS and from the UPS to the PDU. Lower currents also. allow less heating of the wires, reducing energy

  • Comparison of LECTRUS Equipment Centers to Conventional Site Built Structures (.pdf)

    Electrical equipment centers have been in existence for decades. They typically safeguard low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment, which can include switchgear, motor control, drives, generators, rectification, DCS, PLC, UPS, SCADA systems and many other electrical components. They offer

  • The Benefits of Designing & Testing a Low Resistance Grounding System

    We all have become dependent on electronics for our everyday lives. These same sensitive devices are very vulnerable to the hazards created by poor grounding. As any power quality expert will relate, poor grounding is second only to improper wiring as the leading cause of equipment malfunction

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  • Re: Using a UPS as a continuous inverter.

    Thank you. I'll certainly enjoy looking at your wiring diagram for clues regarding circuit changes. I use a Morningstar TriStar solar charger (60 Amp, 24 volt) for the charging of the batteries. Thus I want to disable the UPS charging circuit. There was a point made regarding the UPS i...

  • Wiring Diagram

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for GMC 2006 Sierra Seats. Heat, motors, power sources, relays etc. Anyone have this available? Black & Orange wires (2) seem to be power hook-ups, however no luck when connecting them to 12V power source. Any assist will be appreciated. Jersey Joe...

  • Re: How to Repair Energy Savers??

    Thanks, the link does seem to help a bit..but if an exploded view of the diagram, orthographic if possible, would be easier to follow for a layman in electronics! I still can't find out the terminal where I can solder the other wire?? BTW there is no copy right problem in Pakistan in this case....

  • Re: UPS Circuits with Single Wire

    What do you mean by still using the hot wire? You switched the source to your UPS? How? Diagram?

  • Two-Phase Systems

    Is there anything such as two phase system used now a days? If it is, can you explain it with the vector diagram? We have a UPS and it has 240V output with two hot wires? Some body of my group would like to call it as 'two phase' system. I don't agree to this. To me, it should be called single phase...

  • Re: Inverter "INPUT=60V" Help?

    there are 2 gensets. one is mine(completely switches utility power with a 200A changeover),(not shown in diagram) while other one, (in the dagram, between utility/my genset and UPS/INVERTER) is not my genset , but a community genset like only limited no. of light and fans should be connected, and...

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Powerstar UPS Inc.
PS6000rm1u ups 1000W Shipboard Full Featured UPS

contact card UPS status information is presented through 6 fully isolated output relays. This is expandable to 8 using universal input/output ports and optional Dry Contact I/O Accessory (PS9810). Also are 4 opto-isolated input contacts for UPS control (i.e.  shutdown, startup, self-test).  Internally protected screw terminal connections for your wiring. Program this card through its USB port and with DIP switches. Front Control panel has: NEW! 2 line Alphanumeric readout display showing...

Eaton | Power Quality
Eaton 9355 UPS w/ Network Monitoring Software!

the 10-15 kVAUPS with your choice of output receptacles, choosing from 18 types. Later, when you need to change or move data center equipment, simply unplug from the old receptacle, plug into a new one, and go. There's no need for an electrician to run new conduit and wiring. The 20-30 kVA models offer features like dual-feed inputs, a 480-volt output transformer, and input and output breakers internal to the UPS. Features and Benefits. Protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common...

Eaton | Power Quality
Eaton 9155 UPS w/ Network Monitoring Software!

Hot Sync® technology allows you to parallel up to three equivalent UPS modules for extra capacity or redundancy, ensuring that critical systems are always protected. Parallel configurations can provide up to N+2 redundancy. No inter-module communication wiring is needed. Our patented load-sharing control distributes the load equally and ensures that loads remain fully protected even if a paralleled UPS is unavailable. Eaton's exclusive ABM® technology significantly increases battery life...