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Parts by Number for V Notch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HN1V Allied Electronics, Inc. APEX TOOL GROUP Not Provided HAND NOTCHER;CARDED;Wiss

Conduct Research Top

  • DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter
    The septage receiving station in Whynott's Settlement, Nova Scotia needed a simple, compact solution to control VFD-driven vertical turbine pumps, chlorine injection plus flow through a V-Notch Weir with display and 4-20mA outputs... Application Note Dear Greyline,. (A customer comments
  • Improved Damage Tolerance in Titanium Alloy Fan Blades with Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    of the blade from the platform to mid-span. damper. Cantilever fatigue testing was performed at R=0.1. using FOD simulated by a 60 degree "V" notch. The. processing provided complete tolerance of FOD up to. nominally 1.3 mm (0.05 in.) in depth, an order of magnitude. improvement in damage tolerance
  • Application Of Low Plasticity Burnishing To Improve Damage Tolerance Of A Ti-6al-4v First Stage Fan Blade (.pdf)
    loaded under a sustained. mean stress (R=0.1). FOD was simulated with 60-degree. "V" notches machined into the leading edge at the point. of maximum applied stress. The 620 MPa (90 ksi). endurance limit of as-received blades was reduced to. less than half by 0.5mm. FOD. LPB produced an HCF. strength
  • Fluoroplastic Technical Terms and Definitions
    Izod impact strength, Izod v-notch strength, Izod strength, Izod, and IVN. ISOTROPIC Back to Top. If isotropic, this means that the tubing has been adequately sintered and the stresses relieved. LUBRICITY Back to Top. Lubricity refers to the slipperiness of the tubing, how little or how much
  • Medical Device Link . DSPs: A Growing Option for Medical Applications
    ," Jackson says, "a big V-8 doesn't do much good without tight steering and good brakes just as a fast code with a bottleneck in the I/O and a small on-chip memory results in the core waiting for information rather than screaming along." ADI's floating-point SHARC is something of an anomaly
  • Cam-action switches
    detents as standard as well as 30, 60, or 90 detenting as options. Detent assemblies also contain stop arms that limit the angular rotation to the desired number and location of positions. Typical ratings for these switches are 24 A at 600 V with interrupt ratings of 3 A/125 Vdc or 20 A/600 Vac
  • Comparing the Performance Characteristics of DuraSurf UHMW-PE to Other Materials
    !. !. TEST!. !. METRIC (US). Volume Resistivity. D357. Ohms/cm. 5.9544x10⋀7. 1.4516x10⋀7. >2.000x10⋀13. Dielectric Strength. D150. KV/cm (V/mil). *. *. 142. Dielectric Constant. D150. 2.481. 2.454. 2.542. Surface Resistivity. 1% Carbon Black. D257. Ohms. 10⋀3. 10⋀3. 10⋀3. Static Decay. 1% Carbon Black
  • User Instructions for RUD Lifting Points
    . • Assembly or fitting of different bolt lengths with types. may occur. Possibilities of securing: liquid means such. WBG-V only to be carried out by the manufacturer. as Loctite or WEICONLOCK (respect manufacturer’s. For the user it is forbidden to disassemble the ball. prescriptions) or form closed bolt
  • Medical Device Link .
    from single- or three-phase 110–380 V ac or 24–375 V dc, the SPiiPlus CM universal digital drivers output current levels of 5 A continuous and 10 A peak, or 10 A continuous and 20 A peak. In addition, they have pulse and direction outputs that allow three of the total axes to be open-loop steppers
  • Medical Device Link . The Effects of High-Energy and EtO Sterilization on Thermoplastics
    is used in cardiotomy reservoirs, hemodialyzers, surgical equipment, and safety syringes. Two PC resins were tested, and the data are shown in Tables V and VI. Calibre MegaRad 2081 (PC-2081) is commonly used for medical devices intended for high-energy sterilization, while Calibre 2061 (PC-2061) is used

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