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    Swing doors without hardware are often used to separate rooms or spaces that don 't need additional security. An example of a swing door is one used in a restaurant to separate the kitchen from the dining area. Decorative residential applications... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Access Doors Information. Access doors provide access to a specific piece of equipment or a confined space. They are typically small, hinged doors that offer access to compartments. Note, however, that access doors do not include roof hatches... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Vacuum Viewports and Access Doors - (56 companies)
    ...access cap or port cover, door, shutter or shield, and viewport. Caps or covers are vacuum component that seal a port or distribution pipe of a vacuum chamber. Vacuum doors provide a means to access a vacuum chamber or system for material throughput... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...of doors and gates. They use electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power. Door operators are used to open garage doors and overhead doors, to automatically open doors in high traffic-areas such as grocery stores, and to provide access for wheelchairs. Door... Learn More
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    Interior doors are designed and constructed for indoor use, typically in residential and commercial applications. Interior doors are moveable structures designed and constructed for indoor use. The primary function provides access and egress... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Space Heaters and Room Heaters - (148 companies)
    How to Select Space Heaters and Room Heaters. Space heaters and room heaters are designed for use in confined areas or spaces. They do not emit hazardous pollutants or noxious fumes, and are generally portable. Fuel Sources. The most important... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...doors provide smooth, vertical operation. They are designed to save space and can be used with a remote-controlled garage door opener. Up-and-over garage doors consist of a panel that tilts forward before moving into an overhead position. Double up... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Access Control Systems - (1073 companies)
    ...compares multiple points on the finger to an encrypted formula. These biometric access control systems are used to control multiple doors and can be integrated with existing door-lock mechanisms. Iris recognition systems use a camera to compare a black... Learn More
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    Exterior Doors - (560 companies)
    ...temperatures. Typically, these doors have weather seals, thresholds, and locking features. Weather seals help close air gaps and keep out insects and other pests. These seals consist of door sweeps, jamb seals, and dock-leveler seals. The threshold, the sill... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Door Viewer. Image Credit: Global Industrial Door Viewer with knocker. Image Credit: Gammy Hardware. Door viewers are security devices that allow the user visual access to the other side of the door. They are optical devices, also known as peepholes... Learn More

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  • States > Wyoming > State > Regulations > State Emergency Response Commission > General Agency‚ Board or Commission Rules > [WY Regs serc/gbc - 2] 02 - Cl...
    Attics, crawl spaces , or other areas or portions thereof that have finished spaces or contain improvements that indicate usage above normal levels for the space are excluded. (g) Non- Accessible Areas - Areas that cannot be accessed except by demolition of existing finishes or structure. For example, wall cavities (except where access doors exist) , chimneys, areas under raised floors, and plenums above � � Porous Surfaces and Items - Hard substrates such as concrete, drywall (painted or unpainted) , vinyl , wood, glass, rubber.
  • ICDF Complex Remedial Action Report
    Changing from piers to foundation wall Showing crawl space on foundation plan Changing type 2 non-rated to type 5 non-rated Changed 1/2� sheetrock to 5/8� sheetrock Skirting changes � fire rated plywood on sheeting Add access doors to foundation minimum of 22� � 30� @ plumbing and by HVAC (Mechanical Room) on � Building lettering/numbers will be supplied by OCI Windows � metal vs vinyl � spec calls for metal/changing �
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  • States > Georgia > State > Regulations > 120 - Comptroller General > Chapter 3 - Safety Fire Commissioner > [GaRegs 120-3-7] 07 - Manufactured Homes
    A=the area of the crawl space , square foot As an option to individual vents, ventilation can be provided by means of vinyl material which has � Access opening(s) not less than 18 inches in any dimension and not less than 3 square � Such access panel(s) or door (s) shall not be fastened in a manner requiring the use �
    A crawl space foundation has similar options. � floors, setting the roof trusses, placing the roof sheathing, installing the windows and doors , placing the exterior � � install some insulation, particularly in corners and places where the framing may prohibit access at a later � However, with the dramatic increase of the use of vinyl siding, vinyl siding contractors have taken over �
  • Introduction to Building Systems Performance: Houses That Work II. Revised February 2005
    � attic, tile roof (Figure 1-14) � The �Montgomery� ?one-story, conditioned crawlspace, vinyl /aluminum lap siding � Energy performance for space conditioning and hot water 40% better than the 1995 MEC base case house � Air leakage (determined by blower door depressurization testing) should be less than 2.5 in.2 /100 � If the house is divided into multiple conditioned zones, such as a conditioned attic or conditioned crawl space, the blower door requirement must be met with the access to the space open, connecting the zones.

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