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  • Case Study: Drying of Water-based Coatings
    speed. It should also supply many more answers to help in understanding the process. Figure 1 In order to optimize the drying process with IR heaters, the effect of the IR radiation must be precisely analysed. Figure 1 shows the spectral absorption characteristic of water films with thicknesses
  • Case Study: Drying of Water Based Coatings
    absorption characteristic of water films with thicknesses of up to 10 um. Obviously the spectral absorption range around 3 um is best suited for heating water. In addition, higher wavelengths of the emitted radiation are absorbed, but the spectral fraction of the IR heater is less there, as is its
  • Is Moisture Absorption A Problem With Composite Bearings?
    of moisture absorption is not a problem for the Polygon family of PolyLube TM composite bearings. When PolyLube bearings are tested in a complete immersion chamber, their 2-hour water absorption is 0.12%; when the test is extended to 24 hours the water absorption is 0.16%. This stands in stark contrast
  • Measuring Deuterium Oxide in Water
    by their characteristic spectral information. D2O has a. specific absorption unique to water at 4.1 microns (2439 cm-1). The. InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a new concept in infrared. instrumentation capable of measuring a spectral range with a filter. based optical system. It utilizes a patented design
  • Application Note: Atomic Absorption (.pdf)
    the concentration of metal ions in an unknown sample. Output. R. Step/Prime. Aspirated. Dispense. Concentrated. Diluted. MICROLAB® 500 Application Note. Applications: Switch. Samples. Samples. • Clinical (Metals in Blood/Urine). STEP. Power. PRIME. • Environmental (Monitoring rivers, seawater, drinking water, air
  • Effects of Chlorinated Water on Plastic-Based Water Delivery Systems (.pdf)
    Water delivery systems. Chlorinated water remains one of the most significant. absorption. By the mid 1970s, however, it became apparent. advancements in public health. This practice dramatically. that some problems existed with using polyacetal resin in. improves our quality of life by giving us
  • Blancher Make-up Water Monitoring and Control
    than 30% of the plant’s overall water consumption. This means that even small improvements to the blanching process could dramatically improve the operation’s bottom line. UV absorption sensors provide a unique means of monitoring and controlling blancher water quality. Unlike turbidimeters which
  • Technical Information: IR Heaters for Ultra Pure Water
    -- without contamination. Features and Advantages. Maximum heating of water by radiation. Energy efficient. low heat transfer through the heater tube (no boiling). maximum emission between 900 um and 1400 um. good transmissivity of water and sufficient absorption. Tungsten at 2000 C filament

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