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  • HF Mitigation by Water Sprays (.pdf)
    , a primary mitigation technique, proved ineffective for releases of pressurized superheated HF. The ICHMAP released a report (Effectiveness of Water Spray Mitigation Systems for Accidental Release of Hydrogen Fluoride) following several years' study of water spray mitigation systems. BETE was closely
  • Spray Drying Manual
    the sun provide the energy for water evaporation. With the dawn of the industrial age, many different drying processes have been developed to increase drying speed and improve product quality and uniformity. In the world of industrial dryers, there are few types that accept pumpable fluids
  • Water Infiltration Testing Using Infrared Thermography
    Water Spray Rack - This test simulates a wind-driven rain condition on a subject. It can assist in determining the specific cause and origin of moisture infiltration when it is used to test independent components of the envelope. Spraying water over a large area in an uncontrolled fashion
  • Spray Urethane Coatings with Hydrophobic Polyols
    Since their introduction by researchers at Texaco Chemical Company in the mid 1980s, 1 spray polyurea coatings have gained widespread acceptance in the coatings market. Spray polyurea is advantaged. over alternative coatings technologies such as epoxies and acrylics because of its extreme
  • Flow Control: The Importance of Spray Efficiency
    Have you ever tried to wash your car or water your lawn with a malfunctioning nozzle that is spurting water from the hose and/or handle connection? It's a frustrating endeavor, no doubt. But before a nozzle gets to the point that it is actually losing water at its joints, chances are it has gone
  • Spray Characterization of Typical Fire Suppression Nozzles
    of all the variables involved in a test. It is with this motivation in mind that the authors feel a more complete basic characterization of spray styles typically used in water mist fire suppression technologies will be useful to this field of study.
  • Change the Way You Spray to Minimize Clogging (.pdf)
    Spray nozzles appear to be simple devices, but in service they function as highly precise instruments. A spray system that is not working optimally can very quickly cost your operation tens - even hundreds - of thousands of dollars annually. When nozzles become partially blocked, spraying
  • Pharmaceutical WFI Water
    Ultrapure deionized water is commonly used in the health care industry to manufacture products such as eye drops, nose spray, and hygiene products. This highly purified water, sometimes referred to as "WFI" (Water for Injection), presents many challenges for a flowmeter. WFI is nonconductive
  • Clean Water: Big Value for the Steel Industry (.pdf)
    Clean water, fiee of troublesome solids, is important for maintaining the precision and. functionality of process equipment. Most notably, every steel mill uses spray nozzles in its operation which, if fouled, plugged and/or abrasively worn, their distribution patterns and performance
  • MICRO:Industry News:World Beat (April '99)
    cleaning. The process combines dry ozone, water, and spray technology. It can be used to remove organic contaminants and photoresists. Semitool claims the process is much more effective than competing ozonated water processes. It hopes IMEC's involvement will extend
  • Sub-Bituminous Coal
    dioxide when mixed with the water spray. The Sherco plant is rated at 2,425 MW.
  • Medical Device Link .
    T. Fackler Huhtamaki Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Ronsberg Germany Thermal sterilisation is used widely in medical packaging to obtain sterile products. Two methods exist, dry heat or steam autoclave, the latter includes water bath and/or water spray, as required. During autoclave sterilisation
  • Stainless steel for tight seals
    . This is especially true when the sensor sees high-pressure water spray as used for wash down. Because SS sensors are not made from separate pieces, there are no gaps for moisture, dust, or other elements to enter. So how does an SS sensor detect the desired target and not its own metal face? First, it uses
  • Bearing Swap: If You Can't Take the Chill, Get Out of the Cooler
    days each week, apart from periodic cleaning shutdowns. The equipment sees water at up to 200 F sprayed to sterilize and seal some containers as they enter the coolers, not to mention subsequent temperature drops as the packages cool. The conveyors are also exposed to chlorine wash downs. The 5997
  • Application Example - Stainless Steel Air/Water Heat Exchanger for Marine Industry
    An OEM machine builder in the marine industry needed a thermal management solution that was NEMA Type 4/4X rated, but also resistant to highly corrosive salt spray (fog). In an industry that encounters very harsh environments, it is crucial to be able to have a product that will be able
  • Simultaneous Control of PPM and ORP With Strantrol (R) MG/L 5 Controller
    Zehnders Splash Valley is a 30,000 sq ft indoor water park with a whirlpool, activity pool, lazy river with plunge, children's pool, and spray pad. The park opened this past summer in Frankenmuth, Mich., home to the world's largest Christmas store. The water park expects pool usage to peak during