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    adhesives. Supplied in widths to 173 cm, the structures meet defined absorbency, loft, wicking, repellency, release, and barrier characteristics. The line includes alginate pads and impregnated antibacterial pads. Elastic Delnet films are engineered to achieve precise rates of permeability. The fine
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC 98 Exhibitor Profiles
    for wicking, storage, transfer, filtration, and liquid applications. Specialty profile shapes are available. Products offered include wicks and wick/reservoirs used in diagnostic test devices, prefilter media, swab tips, and pipette filter media designed to prevent sample cross-contamination. Stand
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Adhesives and Pressure-Sensitive Components
    for high-volume applications such as needle bonding," says medical manager Laurie Gibbons. A wicking-grade adhesive, 4L47 can also be used to bond housings and plastic components. The resulting bond lines are colourless and transparent but fluoresce under the influence of UV light
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    components and wicking biological fluids in in vitro diagnostic devices. Dual-coated tapes can have a hydrophilic coating on one side and a pressure-sensitive or heat-sealable coating on the other. “The demand for these technologies is driven by the products’ hydrophilic properties,” says Hopp