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Although a typical DC motor presents a mostly inductive load, there is always a small amount of fixed resistance in the armature circuit. The armature, intercoil, series field, brushes, wiring between motor and controller, etc., comprise the armature circuit resistance. Typical resistance values...

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It is expected and accepted (in the U.S.) that there will be a voltage drop of 3 to 5% from the point where the electric utility delivers power to the end user (usually at the meter) to the point within a facility where the electricity is finally consumed in an electrical device (the load). Unlike...

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U.S. 7,445,525 (20081104), Battery terminal, Shuji Kosuge, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (JP). U.S. 7,445,647 (20081104), Method for making a single unit fuel cell, Edward Lee Davis and Benjamin Franklin Schafer, Hydra Fuel Cell Corp. U.S. 7,445,705 (20081104), Particle filter for fuel cell coolant...

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