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  • Pressure Transducer Usage in VFD Control for Electric Motors in Machinery and Factory Automation

    VFDs, or variable frequency drives, are a common tool in electric motor control. VFDs, simply put, control electric motors by modifying the power input frequency to the electric motor. VFDs used in conjunction with electrically driven pumps can be made to control both the flow rate and the output

  • DC Motor Trouble-Shooting Chart

    - www.leeson.com. ELECTRIC MOTORS, GEARMOTORS AND DRIVES. Site Search. Troubleshooting DC Motors. Caution: 1. Disconnect power to the motor before performing service or maintenance. 2. Discharge all capacitors before servicing motor. 3. Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts. 4. Be sure

  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Motor Technology for the Medical Industry

    are already available, and the future promises further developments in such areas as micromotors and closed-loop microprocessor controls. BIBLIOGRAPHY Clifford M, Electric/Electronic Motor Data Handbook, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall, 1990. Hanselman D, Brushless Permanent-Magnet Motor Design

  • IR Drop Compensation Adjustment

    approximately 5-10% of rated voltage (25-50 V on 500 V motors or 12-24 V on 240 V motors) at rated horsepower. IR drop compensation is an adjustment feature of most Reliance Electric VHS DC drives that largely compensates for the armature. d7728.qxd IR Drop Compensation. Adjustment. Application

  • Routine Maintenance on AC Inverters (.pdf)

    that equals or closely approximates direct. current systems. LEESON Electric also produces permanent-magnet direct current motors. The DC motor is the oldest member of the electric motor family. Recent. technological breakthroughs in magnetic materials, as well as solid state. electronic controls

  • Medical Device Link .

    the transition to low-volume, precision-engineered products. The company supplies small electric motors, which are custom-made for micromanipulation devices. "We realize that as OEMs seek to differentiate their products from those of the competition, the ability to create new products with proprietary content

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DynaQuip Controls
Electric Actuators

Two series of electric actuators from 150 to over 30,000 inch pounds of torque provide a solid foundation for all your electrically actuated valve requirements. Specialized needs are easily addressed by combining the DynaQuip Controls actuators with any of the many electric actuator accessories including Auxiliary Limit Switches, Nema 7 and 9, Timers, Modulating Controls, and Continuous Position Indication. The DE Series actuators are compact, providing a high output-to-size ratio. In addition...

ProMation Engineering, Inc.
Electric Actuators - ProMation Engineering

ProMation P1 Series Electric Actuators for 445 in lbs. Simplicity for load requirements ranging from 135"lbs to 445"lbs. Engineered to eliminate wiring errors & increase reliability. Standard with two auxiliary switches, an internal low power heater, and NEMA 4X environmental rating. Available for 12VAC/DC,24VAC/DC,48VAC/DC,120VAC,230VAC. ProMation Engineering's P1 Series of Industrial Electric Actuators are engineered to eliminate wiring errors, increase reliability, and provide simplicity...

ProMation Engineering, Inc.
Industrial Electric Actuators

ProMation Engineering P2~13 Series Electric Actuators. Engineered for load requirements ranging from 600"lbs to 40,000"lbs. Override handwheel standard. Clutchless gearing design for increased reliability. Designed to eliminate wiring errors, increase reliability, and provide simplicity during installation. Available for many voltages including 3 Phase applications. Standard features such as two auxiliary switches, internal heater, & NEMA 4X rating. The most reliable actuators...