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  • Starburst Galaxies And The X-ray Background
    Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute have new evidence for explaining the mysterious X-ray background that permeates the universe. Astronomers Antonella Fruscione, Richard Griffiths and John Mackenty have found a number of "star-burst " galaxies which could help to account for the X
  • Simultaneous XRD/XRF with low-power X-Ray tubes
    sources. EXPERIMENTAL SETUP AND SAMPLE PREPARATION. The components of the XRD/XRF. instrument are the Charge-Coupled. Device (CCD) camera, pinhole optics,. sample holder and X-ray source (Fig. 1). Figure 2 is a picture of the instrument. with the MOXTEK tube. A Princeton. Instruments CCD camera
  • AN04: Imaging with Pulsed X-Ray Sources
    In many x-ray imaging applications the x-ray source is always turned on. This is often referred to as a fluoroscopy or continuous mode, and also happens to correspond to the default imaging mode of the RadEye image sensor and the Shad-o-Box cameras. In the continuous mode, the imager and camera
  • Large Area Digital X-ray Specific Imagers
    . This challenging application has been saved for last, mostly because the lack of suitable x-ray optics requires large-area imaging devices which are harder and more costly to make. These devices have been in serious development for the last decade, and are now becoming available for digital radiography
  • AN07: Scintillator Options for Shad-o-Box Cameras
    x-ray camera can be equipped with different scintillator options at the factory to match a specific energy range or resolution requirement.
  • Characterization Techniques for Miniature Low Power X-Ray Tubes
    An X-ray shielded test chamber has been designed and built that includes a CCD-pinhole. camera and energy-dispersive silicon PIN-diode detector for spectrum collection. The. use of this chamber is an innovative approach that allows rapid imaging of the electron. beam spot on the anode, as well
  • Hubble Tracks the Fading Optical Counterpart of a Gamma-Ray Burst
    aboard the Italian-Dutch BeppoSAX satellite. Within eight hours after the burst was detected, the BeppoSAX spacecraft was maneuvered to point its more precise X-ray imaging instruments at the location. Hubble observing time was then set aside to allow astronomers to take images with Hubble's Wide
  • Sensor Could Detect Concealed Weapons Without X-Rays
    device directly with any conventional microchip readout circuitry that you wanted to build,” he said. The team that is making the antimonide sensor has succeeded in combining it with a camera system; the pictures look a lot like X-ray images, with bodies and clothing appearing as dim outlines

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